Competencies without a Classroom - Episode 8 - Recap

S1 E8: Callum Bramley - Tech Sales Instructor - Uvaro
Griffin Jaeger
November 24, 2020

The sales industry isn't what you think it is.

Sales is not simply pushing a product, it’s solving problems and adding value. It is an extremely exciting profession that involves creativity, resourcefulness, and empathy.

It requires the ability to develop relationships and communicate with others to determine if your solution can solve the problem of a potential partner. Ultimately, adding value to their business or lifestyle.

If students can learn what sales professionals do and the types of opportunities and meaningful relationships it provides, they can be more intentional about pursuing a career in sales.

This week’s awesome guest is here to save the day.

Meet Callum Bramley - a Tech Sales Instructor at Uvaro.

Callum fell into sales after moving to Toronto, and the longer he worked in the industry he learned how he could take the skills he had learned and apply them all throughout his life. Now after working in the industry for many years, he has evolved his career and has started giving back at Uvaro.

Uvaro is an education program aimed at giving those who are interested in tech sales and skilling those individuals up so that they can walk into day one of a new job in sales and knock it out of the park.

In this episode, we chat about topics including:

  • Adjusting and learning from moments of failure
  • How culture, coachability, and adaptability will help you succeed in growing industries like tech
  • Demonstrating personal value through transferable life skills
  • The value of empathy in the professional world
  • How sales skills are life skills

What steps are you taking to develop and demonstrate transferable skills in YOUR classroom?

Continue the conversation and let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #CompetenciesPodcast.


Griffin Jaeger

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