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🚀 What's New In SpacesEDU - January 2023

Julia Wong
January 26, 2023

At SpacesEDU, we are constantly listening and growing to ensure our platform meets the needs of educators. That’s why we work hard to consistently improve our features throughout the year. In this blog post, explore what's new in SpacesEDU this month!

[All Users] Student View

Teachers will have the ability to easily create a new student account and associate it to any of their classes!

Teachers will then be able to switch between their teacher account and view their classrooms as a student.

[SpacesEDU Pro Users] Update to Reporting Spaces: Introducing Pinning Posts

Teachers will have the ability to pin up to 3 posts at the top of the Reporting Space, just below the Student Summary and Areas of Learning

Making it easier to organize your students' work!

SpacesEDU Pro Users] Update to Reporting Spaces: Printing PDFs

Teachers can now download and print out the summary portion of the Reporting Space, including the Student Summary and Areas of Learning!

This new feature makes it even easier to share student growth with families!

[SpacesEDU Pro Users] Admin Account Update: Add students without emails

Administrators can email us at to have us add students without emails to their schools.

Have Questions About These Latest Updates?

Join an Upcoming Webinar with our SpacesEDU Team!

‘Drop-In’ on one of our upcoming Drop-In Webinars for one-on-one help and best practices on using these new features in your SpacesEDU account.

Click here to register for a Drop-In Webinar today!

Julia Wong

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