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10 Teacher Tips to Inspire You To Make The Most Out Of Your SpacesEDU Account

Julia Wong
April 28, 2022

10 Teacher Tips to Inspire You To Make The Most Out Of Your SpacesEDU Account

We’re constantly inspired by teachers across the country and have enjoyed hearing about different teaching tips and tricks that are used in classrooms every day. We’ve reached out to our SpacesEDU Power Users to hear how they’ve utilized SpacesEDU in their classrooms.

10 Teacher Tips to Inspire You To Make The Most Out Of Your SpacesEDU Account

  1. Make Small Meaningful Gestures
  2. Support In-Class Work
  3. Let Students Choose Their Preferred Method of Communication
  4. Utilize Hands-On Activities to Keep Senior Students Engaged
  5. Celebrate Growth
  6. Utilize The Audio and Video Features
  7. Create Teachable Moments
  8. Set Weekly Goals
  9. Create Daily Labs
  10. Utilize Reflective Journals

1. Make Small Meaningful Gestures

Home communication used to be such a challenge, then I made a commitment to reach out to every student’s home in the first 2 weeks of school. I call and introduce them and ask one question “what would you like me to know about your child”. That small, meaningful gesture changed everything. (Bonnie Nieves, High School Teacher)

Learn more about messaging in SpacesEDU and how to improve parent teacher communication.

2. Support In-Class Work

Use it as a teaching tool to support in-class work. Model feedback in individual spaces and class Space.

Begin the class space to get conversations going and to find the balance in how you want to use SpacesEDU. The more and longer you use it, the more ideas you'll have. When you feel like a mistake has been made, use that as a teachable moment so students know that even we teachers make mistakes and it's not the end of the world. (Melody McAllister, Educator & Author)

Learn more about utilizing different Space types.

3. Let Students Choose Their Preferred Method of Communication

Create a post in the class feed to revisit the big ideas, learning targets, or essential questions in a spiral review that feels more like a conversation! Let students take control and answer in any way they choose with the included content creation SpacesEDU tools.

I use it in my Spanish II class to have students respond to prompts or to work in groups on some fun tasks like scavenger hunts or conversations. They can decide whether to use images, audio, video or just text, but it is always fun to see their excitement when we use SpacesEDU and to see what they come up with! (Rachelle Dené Poth, Spanish and STEM Teacher)

4. Utilize Hands-On Activities to Keep Senior Students Engaged

"I am teaching seniors (12th grade AP Psychology)! Though it is my first year teaching I am finding any hands-on activity is keeping them engaged such as printing out flashcards and making it a matching game or giving them time to work on their assignments during class will occasionally help." (Rachael Meder, High School Teacher)

See how Activities work in SpacesEDU.

5. Celebrate Growth

Celebrate growth! The best part of using SpacesEDU is seeing growth over time, showing the struggle points is really important at the beginning so you can see the progress at the end.

6. Utilize The Audio and Video Feature

I love the audio and video features! I’m inspired to see how much growth my first grader has grown in reading. She sees it too and it encourages her to keep at it! (Melody McAllister, Educator & Author

7. Create Teachable Moments

Use it in class to teach expectations and digital citizenship skills. Use the times when students make mistakes as teachable moments without embarrassing them or punishing them (there is an edit button for everyone to use!). (Melody McAllister, Educator & Author)

8. Set Weekly Goals 

I have been having students set weekly goals since the beginning of the school year. We do it was a kick-starter on Mondays. It is something of a modified SMART goal; the prompt is short (Bonnie Nieves, High School Teacher):

Use any of the tools to respond to the following prompts in your individual journal. 

☝️Explain something from class last week that you are proud of. 

🤘How did you make it happen?

 🤟Set a goal for this week. 

👊List 2 things that will help you accomplish it.

9. Create Daily Labs

Pro Tip From A SpacesEDU Power User: Bonnie Nieves, High School Teacher

My students use SpacesEDU as digital lab notebooks. I take the lab analysis questions that have been traditionally printed and handed out, convert them to reflection questions, and post them as an activity. Students respond using the camera, video, and text to document their responses. All students benefit from this format - multimodal demonstration of learning, organizational support, documenting growth over the year, sharing experiences with caregivers at home, and reading the work of their peers. 

At the end of a learning sequence, kids can look back at their work and find their own areas of strength and areas in need of growth. Especially when they are tagged with curriculum tags! 

Learn more about how to utilize Curriculum Tags in your classroom.

10. Utilize Reflective Journals.

Each Monday kids reflect on their work from last week, identify a skill that helped them to be successful, and how they will intentionally use this skill this week. (Bonnie Nieves, High School Teacher)

In Closing

We continue to see our community of educators grow and share teaching tips like these daily! Feedback from teachers who are using SpacesEDU today goes directly to our product team to help make this tool the best it can be for every classroom. We are on a mission to celebrate student growth over grades and deep dive into authentic assessment, and the voices of our teachers and early adopters are the backbone of SpacesEDU!

Join our mission to celebrate students with SpacesEDU and sign up for a FREE teacher's account today!

Learn more about how to celebrate student growth and so much more with SpacesEDU. If you’re just looking to get started, request a free trial or join one of our upcoming webinars, register below!

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