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3 Lesson Plans to Launch the New School Year

Melody McAllister
August 10, 2022

3 Lesson Plans to Launch the New School Year

If you’re a teacher, you know that the Back To School season is filled with long days of planning, professional development, and getting your classroom ready for that first day of school! Reconnecting with your colleagues and greeting your new students and their families can be energizing, but there never seems to be enough time to get everything finished. The Spaces Team is here to help, and we have created lesson plans for you to use all year! But here are three that will help you build community, spark creative confidence, and encourage clear communication. 

An Ice Breaker Activity Students Love

Collaboration Lesson Plan

This lesson is meant to encourage and motivate students to determine how to successfully collaborate and work together as team players to accomplish a shared goal. Although this lesson is specifically tailored for Grade 1, it can easily be adapted to suit any grade level K-6. In fact, all of the Spaces lesson plans can be tailored for your specific grade and purpose.

Creative Confidence Lesson Plan

This lesson will inspire students to develop their creative confidence and not worry about the opinion of others or needing to be perfect. The lesson is designed for grades K-6, but can also be adapted for secondary grades.

Effective Communication Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is meant to encourage and motivate students to express their thoughts and emotions through effective communication. While this lesson plan was developed for primary grades, the key components can be adapted for all grade levels. 

Everything you need to get started with Spaces

These lesson plans are great, but we at Spaces know that it’s not technology or good lesson plans that teach students. It’s amazing teachers like you. Did you know Spaces is FREE for teachers? If you are looking for a way to keep your students engaged and help them grow through feedback, we can help you! We are family-friendly and our platform provides all stakeholders the ability to see the tremendous amount of growth that takes place throughout the school year. 

Check out these Lesson Plan Resources! Sign up here for FREE!

Melody McAllister

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