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3 Reasons You’ll Want To Join Our Spacetronauts Community

If you're passionate about education and creating an engaging learning environment for your students, come join our community.
Julia Wong
May 2, 2022

3 Reasons You’ll Want To Join Our Community of Educators

At SpacesEDU, we know that community and connection are everything.

With a team made up of education professionals, The Spacetronauts is a community created to meet your needs. In this growing community, we are bringing together K-12 teachers to share their unique stories, experiences, and ideas related to digital portfolios, going gradeless, SEL, 21st-century skills, and teaching in general.

Get answers to your most challenging questions, tackle new teaching experiences with confidence, and learn faster and more efficiently in ways we just can’t do on our own.

Why Join Our Spacetronauts Community?

If you're passionate about education and creating an engaging learning environment for your students, come join our community.

As a Spacetronaut, you'll:

  1. Share and gain access to teacher-created resources (lesson plans, teaching strategies, and more)
  2. Connect with educators across North America who have been in your shoes
  3. Use your previous experiences to help teachers just starting out and learn new things from teachers who have been there

Access Free Resources

Within our Spacetronauts community, we are constantly sharing teacher-created resources that are ready to implement and adapt for any classroom. You’ll be able to find 21st century skills lesson plans for K-12, and Activities to copy and paste straight into your SpacesEDU account. Not only will you gain access to these resources, but you’ll also be able to discuss and interact with other teachers who are implementing the same lesson plans as you. Learn from other teachers across the country, and see what teaching strategies they iutilize in their classrooms.

Check out our latest free lesson plan here.

Network with Spacetronauts Across The Country

The Spacetronauts Community is constantly growing! As we travel to different conferences throughout the year, we have the opportunity to meet many inspiring teachers along the way. Oftentimes we encourage the teachers we meet to join our Spacetronauts community so we can continue to build connections and expand on conversations.

Our community is thriving with educators from many different districts, each with their own unique teaching strategies and philosophies. The feed is a great place for teachers to pose questions and offer insight from their own experiences. We see many educators build new connections with other teachers who have been in their shoes. The Spacetronauts Community is a great way to connect and learn from other teachers in districts across the country.

Learn and Share Tips With Other Teachers

The Spacetronauts Community is a great place to share classroom tips and tricks with other teachers. Many of our teachers bounce ideas off of each other to help with developing teaching strategies, implementing 21st century skills into their classrooms, or simply re-engaging students during remote learning.

We recently asked our community members:

What do you hope to get out of a community of peers?

Here’s what our Spacetronauts had to say:

  • Support and additional aid from professionals who are in the same space I am in.
  • I am always interested in learning new ideas and sharing the ones that I have found to be helpful. 
  • Great ideas for teaching, learning, and running a smooth classroom.
  • Collaboration opportunities and shared resources!
  • Ideas for how to use SpacesEDU with my students.


As we continue to grow and adapt SpacesEDU, we lean on our community of educators for feedback and insight. SpacesEDU is continuing to be shaped by the voices of our teachers who let us know exactly what is and isn’t working in the classroom. By joining our Spacetronauts community of educators, you’re joining our mission to capture student growth in the classroom through authentic assessment.

Click here to join our community today!

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