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Celebrate student learning whenever and wherever it happens.

Spaces is an easy-to-use assessment tool to document students’ growth in and out of the classroom.
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A platform for your student’s learning journey

Empower students to showcase everything they’ve learned and share their learnings beyond the report card. Showcase the process, progress and product of classroom learning with a platform that meets students wherever they may be.
A family of four gathered around a tablet. They view the eldest daughter’s school recital audio post that has a curriculum tag and a positive comment from her mother.

Build a meaningful record of student progress for teachers, parents and administrators

Make assessment data easy to manage and showcase without rows of messy data.
Schools need a holistic view of student learning that informs important conversations about students.
Spaces helps you align teaching, intervention and assessment practices at the classroom, school and district levels.

Empower students to explore, reflect and grow within the classroom. Backed by 15+ years of educator feedback

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    Connect classroom activities directly to all curriculum outcomes or standards - all within Spaces

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    Empower student curiosity, reflection and social emotional learning through self-reflection and peer feedback

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    Give students the voice and the choice to deliver their work in the format of their choice from any device

Teacher pointing at a tablet on the table, teaching a group of students. Comment bubbles read constructive feedback from two co-teachers.
A father and son sitting on the couch, using a laptop. Comment bubbles read positive feedback from the father and teacher on the son’s book report project.

Foster a student-centric approach by connecting parents, educators and students all within the same Space

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    Parents and educators can see student work and teacher feedback in real-time

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    Engage parents of students with IEPs and gifted learning paths to assure student accommodations are being met

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    See students’ progress each day and over time - from any device

Put students’ needs first when it comes to assessment

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    Reduce school stress and assessment bias by adapting students’ Spaces to their needs and personalities during the learning process

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    Let students seamlessly capture their learning how they choose. Through text, audio, video, Google Drive files and more

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    Meet students’ unique needs through individual Spaces, real-time messaging and privacy features

Feed of student posts using different media types to showcase their learning: video recording, audio recording, and text.
Explore Your Spaces

Give Students a Space to Grow

Do more in and out of your classroom with one platform

Spaces supports the amazing work you’re already doing by making it easier for students to capture, reflect, and share progress.
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Personalized Learning
Empower students to drive their learning and showcase progress in their own way
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Blended Learning
Easily capture hands-on experiences and extend learning into the digital world
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Project-Based Learning
Students can show progress and pitfalls as they weave together multimedia from day one through one hundred
Skill Development icon
21st Century Skills Development
Develop critical competencies and transferable skills through reflection, selection, and sharing
Student-Led Conferences icon
Student-Led Conferences
Enable students to showcase real-world evidence of learning
Student & Family Communication icon
Student & Family Communication
Give feedback to individual students in real-time and send messages to groups, classes, and families
Undoubtedly, as a teacher you have tried to explain how the concepts you are teaching in the classroom will help to carry your students forward as they enter the "real world." The Competencies without a Classroom podcast provides classroom teachers with access to brilliant minds and hearts in the "real world" bringing alive the skills and competencies required to be successful in the 21st century.
Headshot of Tanya Clift
Tanya Clift
District Career Facilitator
It allows student voice and the voice of students you may not hear to express themselves. I got to hear the thoughts of students who I have never been able to hear from before in the classroom.
Headshot of Tasha Royer
Tasha Royer
Teacher, Elizabeth Barrett Elementary School
I think in a nutshell it combines the things we love about Google Classroom, the things that we love about Flipgrid, and a messaging tool like Remind into one streamlined location. This is amazing!
Headshot of Christine Berckart
Christine Berckart
Teacher, Leadership Academy at Forest Oak

We value your security and privacy

At Spaces, we believe in putting the student at the center of their journey. Protecting student privacy is foundational to how we’ve built our company and is a key consideration in the decisions we make.
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Spaces is compliant with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule, Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

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