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Administrator Guide to Getting Started with Spaces

Jordan Lewis
October 4, 2021

How to help educators capture the moment where growth happens in your school(s) with an easy-to-use assessment product that enables anytime, anywhere learning.

What you'll get out of the Guide:

  • What is Spaces? Discover how Spaces helps document and assess student learning in real-time
  • 3 Easy Onboarding Steps. Create your strategic implementation plan for a successful roll-out across your school(s), identify your school lead(s) and training approach, and set up your schools for launch day with your Spaces Administrator account
  • Your Implementation Success Checklist.  Easily track your progress against our proposed criteria for a successful roll-out in your first year of implementation
  • How does an Administrator Account work?
  • How does the Teacher Account work?
  • How do Curriculum Tags work?

Download the Administrator Guide to Getting Started with Spaces here.

Jordan Lewis

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