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Competencies without a Classroom - Episode 10 - Recap

S1 E10: Jenn Cutajar - Clear The Noise Coaching - Curiosity
Griffin Jaeger
November 26, 2020

Being curious has immense gains.

While it takes practice and courage, once you begin to participate in active listening and frequent question asking, take a look at what you notice and learn about yourself.

We have a feeling you'll be pretty pleased with what becomes possible for you.

This week's guest is sure to motivate you.

Meet Jenn Cutajar - President of Clear the Noise Coaching.

After spending two decades working in tech corporations, Jenn has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of individuals. What she learned was that everyone has a different version of success.

“It is so important to get in tune with that yourself, so that you can ensure that you’re going down a path that’s authentic to you.”

As a life coach, she spends her time helping people clear the noise of their cluttered head and achieve their ideal version of success.

Early on in her career, Jenn learned a valuable lesson we can all benefit from. She found herself always being on. In a world in which we are constantly connected through technology, it can be difficult to separate work from life. But focusing too much on work and not enough on ourselves is unhealthy and will lead to burnout. By setting boundaries, learning when to say no and take a step back, you will be healthier, happier and ready to take on everyday challenges as they come.

Jenn teaches us to always be curious, slow down and engage in active listening. It’s so easy to get lost in the clutter of our own heads, that we forget to actually listen to those around us. To be interesting, it’s important to be interested, allowing you to make meaningful connections.

In this episode, we chat about:

  • Learning to be curious through active listening
  • How prioritizing our own well being will only drive us closer to success
  • Defining our own version of success
  • The value of curiosity
  • The importance of being our true authentic selves.
  • What it takes to become a life coach

How are you demonstrating and working towards curiosity in YOUR classroom?

Let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #ComptenciesPodcast.

A billboard with a photo of Jenn and the quote "You've got this."


Griffin Jaeger

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