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Competencies without a Classroom Episode 6 - Recap

S1 E6: Jimmy Daly - Superpath - Content Marketing
Griffin Jaeger
November 10, 2020

Writing is a skill that will benefit you in any job scenario.

However, how we are taught to write an essay throughout high school and post-secondary education vastly differs from the writing you may find yourself doing out in the real world.

If you enjoy writing but aren't quite sure how to make a career out of it, that's okay!

This week’s guest is bound to open your eyes to the world of content marketing.

Meet Jimmy Daly - a former English major who, like many listeners, wasn't entirely sure what he wanted to do after finishing his post-secondary education. After beginning his career as a substitute teacher, he soon realized that the teaching world wasn't for him (or so he thought), so he took a job at a consumer startup and eventually began taking new opportunities like writing newsletters and working on copy for the website.

Flash forward 12 years later - he has spent 10 years working in content marketing with nearly 100 companies and is now the founder and educator behind Superpath- a career resource catered towards content marketers.

Companies across all industries rely on content work like blogs, videos, and podcasts to reach potential clients and customers. It requires the ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes and capture their attention in a short amount of time.

If you have an interest in marketing or are a natural-born storyteller, content marketing might just be the path for you.

Jimmy is funny, personable, and is sure to give you a great sense of the world of content marketing and how you can get started in the field.

  • In this episode, we chat about topics including:
  • The world of content marketing and what it entails
  • The future of Tiktok as an outlet for content creation
  • How the ability to write will serve you in any field
  • How to develop a personal brand through blog writing
  • The importance of situational awareness and empathy within sales

What styles of writing do you prefer most and how are you practicing these skills within YOUR classroom? Let us know on Twitter and continue the conversation using the hashtag #CompetenciesPodcast.



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