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Competencies without a Classroom Podcast: AJ Tibando

S1 - E7: AJ Tibando - Palette Inc - Resilience & Adaptability
Griffin Jaeger
November 17, 2020

This week's guest teaches us about resilience and adaptability. No matter what path you find yourself on, there is always a way to take what you're doing and what you care about and turn it into an opportunity to drive your purpose further.

Deciding what path to follow after high school can often feel like this massive cliff you have to jump off of. You may be thinking that once you pick, there's no going back. But the reality is, that couldn't be further from the truth.

Meet AJ Tibando - if you asked 16-year-old AJ where she would be years down the line, she would have had no idea she would be running her own organization.

Now, she is the voice behind Pallete Inc. - helping people who want to switch career paths get the skills they need to land that new job.  She’s caring, compassionate, and best of all she is incredibly passionate about taking care of people and the world around us.

Whatever you're passionate about, whether it be communication, technology, or politics,  there are hundreds of jobs in any space that will likely be a good fit for you depending on what you're interested in and want to be doing.

The world is always changing, and today’s high school students are more prepared than any prior generation to navigate these changes and talk themselves through times of uncertainty. This willingness to figure it out and focus on what you can control is sure to get you anywhere you want to be in life.

In this episode, we chat about topics including:

  • How you can turn any situation into a way to drive change
  • Finding your purpose and turning any job into an opportunity to drive it further
  • Navigating and being comfortable with change
  • How you can apply your skill sets and passions to merely any industry
  • The importance of focusing on being empathetic and taking care of each other

Remember that just because your first job is not your dream job, does not mean it can't become a dream job or has to be the be-all and end-all.

It’s important to look at the position you're in and play the long game, realizing that it is merely a stepping stone driving you towards making an impact through your passions and interests.


Griffin Jaeger

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