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Competencies without a Classroom Podcast: Eric Janssen

S1 - E9: Eric Janssen - Hustle & Grit - Do Over Plan
Griffin Jaeger
November 25, 2020

In the last episode, we introduced sales as an up-and-coming industry. The truth is, whatever industry you find yourself in, sales skills will come in handy. The one-of-a-kind product we will always be selling is ourselves. This week's guest has so much to offer. Meet Eric Jansen - entrepreneur, people person, and educator at the Western University’s Ivey School of Business. Eric believes that trajectory and passion are two things that all students should be exploring throughout their education.

After graduating from Ivey himself, Eric began his career teaching business on Western Campus. Being an entrepreneur for the majority of his life by starting and growing various companies, he found that the ability to bring relevant experiences to the classroom (both successes and failures) allowed him to be an even better educator.

He now fills the void of sales education by teaching various classes at Ivey about entrepreneurial success and applying sales tactics to everyday life.

As we’ve spoken about previously, resumes just don't cut it. Employers are looking for trajectory and passion. Taking the initiative to do things that you’re interested in (whether it be starting a club, a podcast, writing a blog, etc.) will allow you to shine through as the preferred candidate.

By making time to learn skills and topics that excite you, you become one step closer to letting your passion evolve and letting your talent shine through, ultimately landing that job you’ve always dreamed of.

Trajectory and Passion With Eric Janssen

In this episode, we chat about topics including:

  • How sales tactics are skills used in everyday life
  • The importance of making time to learn what you love
  • How doing cool things can act as proof of your value
  • Why the ability to focus and be attentive is vital in today's job world
  • The value of presentation skills

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Griffin Jaeger

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