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Curriculum Tags for Parent-Teacher Conferences & Student-Led Conferences

Learn how Curriculum Tags can support parent-teacher conferences by easily showcasing evidence of learning and growth.
Colleen Potter
September 9, 2021

Are you in the practice of sharing student learning and growth through parent-teacher conferences? Or maybe your school supports students taking part in student-led conferences?

Regardless of the format your family conferences take, digital portfolio tools are a natural fit. In today’s 21st-century world, gone are the days of showing families binders of work and paper copies of student assignments.

By using digital portfolios as a way to document student learning and growth over time, not only are students able to see the learning process and product but, during those conferences, you can easily showcase what students have accomplished by pulling up a body of work to share with families.

What’s more, with our Curriculum Tags feature, you can easily showcase examples of student learning that demonstrates mastery of particular standards and speak to these outcomes (or have students speak to them).

With Curriculum Tags, you can:

  • Quickly pull your course standards and add them to your class in SpacesEDU
  • Easily see which students have met specific standards within your class and help those who may need more support
  • Showcase student mastery and speak to specific examples during parent-teacher conferences or student-led conferences

How Curriculum Tags support parent-teacher conferences and student-led conferences

In the example above, the English Language Arts teacher, Ms. Potter, is meeting with one of her student’s parents during parent-teacher conferences. Rather than having to pull together paper copies of the student’s assignments, or curating work from different places, Ms. Potter has been having students document and reflect on their learning using SpacesEDU.

Throughout the semester, Ms. Potter has been tagging student learning and work with Curriculum Tags as students share their learning in SpacesEDU. Come parent-teacher conferences, she can then easily pull up a feed of learning for that student.

With the click of a button, Ms. Potter is able to filter to specific standards in order to showcase and speak to work that demonstrates mastery of particular concepts.

Looking to get started with Curriculum Tags?

Watch the video below or follow these three simple steps to get started with Curriculum Tags:

  1. Add your course Curriculum Tag sets to your class Don’t see your standards? Learn how to add them.
  2. Set your curriculum goals to match what your students are learning in class
  3. Apply tags to student posts to begin tracking student growth and mastery

Colleen Potter

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