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Portfolios tell a story

Meet Stephanie.

Stephanie Gellar teaches a seventh-grade class. She loves teaching, engaging with her students, and she’s constantly given positive reviews by her students, but lately, she’s overwhelmed.

Stephanie’s Challenge

Stephanie is already doing great work in the classroom, but she’s having trouble capturing and communicating what’s happening beyond a letter grade.
She wants to track student growth
She wants to keep her students engaged and provide real-time feedback
She wants to keep family in the loop

myBlueprint Portfolios

With myBlueprint, Stephanie has found the most seamless, interactive, and engaging way to capture the moments where learning happens.

Make all learning experiential

For Stephanie, capturing learning is about so much more than taking pictures. She can encourage thoughtful reflection on every activity, wherever it happens, whenever it happens. Portfolios can easily be used on her students’ own personal devices, or on the 4 shared tablets she has in the classroom.

Go beyond letter grades and report cards

With myBlueprint, Stephanie’s student evaluation can become a two-way conversation. Assignments, presentations, group projects, and even tests, serve as artifacts she can use to tell the story behind the score to students and their parents.
Coming Soon

Give family a glimpse into life at school

Stephanie makes her classroom more transparent with a class feed for students to capture, share, and showcase. Finally, Stephanie’s students can give their parents an answer to the question: “What did you do at school today?”

How it Works

You can be up and running in 10 minutes. Really.

Step 1

Sign up. Find your school and create your class right here on the website or get the app on your smartphone or tablet.
X Minutes

Step 2

Invite your students. Share a link with your class or write the class code on the wall.

X Minutes

Step 3

Watch the magic unfold. Your students have everything they need to start telling their stories on Portfolios.
X Minutes
Start capturing for free

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