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Growth Over Grades Podcast: Episode 6 - Allison Curry

Welcome to the Growth Over Grades Podcast where we talk about education ideas and topics that matter most to our Spaces Educator ...

STEAM Engineering Lesson: Catapult Challenge

In this STEAM lesson plan, students will experiment with inertia and force as they build, test, and make changes to a homemade ...

How to use Curriculum Tags within Spaces | Video Tutorials

Learn how to use Curriculum Tags within Spaces. Follow along with our Portfolio Expert, Jordan Lewis.

STEAM Engineering Lesson: Roller Coaster Energy

In this STEAM lesson plan, students will understand potential and kinetic energy through this hands-on experiment involving roller coaster design and building. ...

3 Ways Spaces Can Help You Implement STEM: Plans, Portfolio & People

3 Ways Spaces Can Help You Implement STEM: Plans, Portfolio & People STEM education is intertwining science, technology, engineering, and mathematics into ...

STEAM Science Lesson: Types of Clouds

We see clouds in the sky every day; what makes them look different and what can we learn about our environment from ...

STEAM Lesson: Solar Ovens

Get students exploring solar energy through this hands-on and tasty experiment! This lesson is designed for grades 6-8, but can be adapted ...

STEAM Lesson: Phases of the Moon

In this lesson, students will continue to learn about and demonstrate their knowledge of the Phases of the Moon by creating a ...

STEAM Math Lesson: Stacking Challenge

This lesson challenges students to stack as many of a certain item as they can, collect data from their classmates, then calculate ...

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