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Curriculum Tags for Everyday Activities & Assessments

Learn how Curriculum Tags can support everyday classroom learning by keeping track of student growth and mastery.
Colleen Potter
September 9, 2021

As educators, one of our key responsibilities is to teach our subject-area content and ensure that students leave our course with an understanding of the associated standards.

While it may seem simple at first glance, we know it’s anything but.

With the number of standards we are expected to cover and students are expected to learn, not to mention ensuring that we are providing a whole-child approach to education, communicating with parents, and overseeing extra-curriculars, it can be challenging to keep track of student growth and mastery.

Enter Curriculum Tags.

Curriculum Tags, or standards tags, are designed to help you easily track student progress towards meeting your course standards.

Curriculum Tags allow you to :

  • Quickly pull your course standards and add them to your class in Spaces
  • Apply more than one standard to student work to showcase mastery of multiple standards
  • Easily see which students have met specific standards within your class and help those who may need more support

Read on to see how Curriculum Tags can be used to keep track of student growth and learning through everyday activities.

How Curriculum Tags support everyday activities and assessments

Take a middle school science class, for example. Perhaps students are in the midst of a unit on cell biology. Each day, you may want to have students show evidence of their learning through creating a reflection post or completing an activity in their Class or Individual Space.

After students have added evidence of their learning, simply go through their posts and tag them with the standards they meet.

As you go through student work to add feedback and apply Curriculum Tags, you can easily see which students are progressing well and which students may need more support in order to demonstrate mastery, ensuring that all students succeed.

How to use Curriculum Tags in Spaces

Follow these three simple steps to get started with Curriculum Tags:

  1. Add your course Curriculum Tag sets to your class Don’t see your standards? Learn how to add them.
  2. Set your curriculum goals to match what your students are learning in class
  3. Apply tags to student posts to begin tracking student growth and mastery

Not sure how to get started with Curriculum Tags? Watch the video below!

Colleen Potter

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