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Bring assessment into your classroom that goes beyond the grade

A platform built to showcase growth and learning in and out of the classroom
An open laptop showing the Spaces classroom feed. Icons of text, files, photos, and audio recordings float around the laptop to show the different media types that users can attach.

Assessment tools made specifically for the classroom

Features built into SpacesEDU are designed to document the day-by-day learning in your school and to showcase the process and progress of classroom learning.
  • 3 types of Spaces for your classroom
  • Manage Activities for assessing students
  • Connect work to curriculum outcomes
  • Student artifacts all in one feed
  • Message students and families
  • Comment on student work in real-time

How does SpacesEDU work?

Create as many Spaces as you need from three different Space types, each designed for your classroom needs. Easily move from one Space to another depending on how students want to learn
A teacher emoji linked to a box of 12 student emojis
The default class Space. Where teachers can engage with class-wide discussion, share files & media with all students.
A teacher emoji linked to 3 different groups of student emojis
For engaging with select groups of students within your class. Posts that students share remain visible to you and their group -- not the entire class.
A teacher emoji linked to a single student emoji
A Space unique to each individual learner - allowing students to engage directly with the teacher or share evidence of their learning with family.
Curriculum Tags

Chronicle every piece of classroom learning

Curriculum tags lets teachers tag every piece of student documentation with specific curriculum criteria or required standards.
  • Tag outcomes specific to your classroom
  • Showcase student progress over time
  • Identify areas requiring improvement
  • Curate a trail of evidence behind learning
  • Celebrate the product of student learning
An animation that clicks the tag button on a post, which opens up a list of tags to choose from.
Get the best out of your students

Get the best out of your students

Activities enable teachers to queue, manage and provide direct feedback to students’ work. Enabling learners to ask the right questions and put forward their best work.
  • Queue Activities for specific dates
  • Quickly assign Activities to individuals
  • Identify students’ progress at a glance
  • Intervene with feedback where necessary
  • Curate or repurpose Activities for future use
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Tanya Clift
District Career Facilitator
It's a great platform! It allows me to diversify my students' learning opportunities and involve parents more by making communication easier.
I think in a nutshell it combines the things we love about Google Classroom, the things that we love about Flipgrid, and a messaging tool like Remind into one streamlined location. This is amazing!
Headshot of Christine Berckart
Christine Berckart
Teacher, Leadership Academy at Forest Oak

Why bring SpacesEDU into your classroom?

A Space for any Reason

Classroom, Group and Individual Spaces allow educators the power to create Spaces for different learning environments and to meet students' specific needs
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A private post of a video of a student smiling outdoors. Her mother and teacher congratulated her on her progress in the comment section.
Manage and assign Activities

Manage and assign Activities

Activities are a great way to collect and assess student learning.

Easily view Activity progress in a visual table, provide descriptive feedback, assess using your proficiency scale or allow resubmissions for students to put forward their best work.
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Connect students’ work to specific curriculum outcomes or standards

Connect each piece of students' work to specific curriculum outcomes required in your classroom.

Assignments, presentations, group projects, and tests can all be tagged as documentation to equip educators to tell the story behind the grade.
Within a student’s capstone project post, the teacher comments with constructive feedback, and tags the process of work with a Curriculum Tag.

Improve feedback & communication

With SpacesEDU, student performance and assessment becomes a two-way conversation.

Provide real-time feedback on student work through commenting and messaging without leaving the app.
Watch Video
With parent communication, you can finally give parents a window into the classroom.
Start capturing for free

Start capturing Student Growth with SpacesEDU today!

Take SpacesEDU on the go!

Download the SpacesEDU app on iOS or Android.

Using Chromebooks, laptops, or desktop computers? to get started!

Capture the moments where growth happens with portfolios your students actually want to use
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