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If I Was Your Child’s Teacher

Melody McAllister
May 4, 2022

If I was your child’s teacher, I knew there was a reason we were connected. I welcomed your child into my class, but I wanted you to know that you were welcome, too. 🤗 Educating the whole child means we are a team. I know sometimes that school carries scars of hurt. When you were struggling to trust, I knew my job was to listen. 

If I was your child’s teacher, your child will forever be in my heart. It will be hard to reconcile their grown up face with the kid I knew, but I will feel so proud. 🧐 Sometimes we continue to see former students as they grow, but many times they leave for another school or it’s their last year at our school. There is always an “oh my goodness” moment when I realize who your child is after a few years. I am always in awe. 

If I was your child’s teacher, I messed up a lot. There are many things I’d do over. There are many apologies I would make. 😔 No one is perfect, including teachers. Sometimes the mistakes I’ve made haunt me because I wonder if I’ll ever get to make it right. Mostly that is not going to happen, but I always vow to do better, be more patient, and try to remember what life is like through the eyes of your child. 

If I was your child’s teacher, I prayed for you and your family regularly. 🙏 It’s okay if you and I have different faiths or if you don’t have a spiritual faith. Respect is always key.  I just hoped the best for you and your family. We hear so much about our students’ home lives. Don’t be upset, our own home lives have problems too! 

If I was your child’s teacher, you and your child taught me far more than any content I was required to teach. I am so glad for that! 💜 Thank you for being patient and talking with me when you were upset. Thank you for donating granola bars during testing time and hot chocolate packets in the winter. When you went the extra mile, it meant so much to all of us. We will never forget it. 

If I was your child’s teacher, they probably know songs like “Lean On Me” or “I Love a Rainy Night” by heart. They probably get a chorus stuck in their head if you say, “Knowledge is Power.” 🎵 Singing brings us together and it’s no different in the classroom. When a familiar song comes on the radio, I hope you both smile. 

If I was your child’s teacher, there’s so many things I did because I had wonderful teachers and their legacy lives in me. So many of us are teachers because we had educators who poured into us when we were young. 

If I was your child’s teacher, when I look back, I remember the best things about you and your kiddos. Teaching siblings from the same family always made me happy! 👥 It was an honor when you requested me to be the teacher for your next child. Knowing I am part of your family history brings me joy. Thank you for entrusting me to help you educate your child. 👣


About the Author

Dedicated educator who naturally forms community with students and families. 2017 Garland NAACP Educator of the Year. Author of children's book, the #ImSorryStory. Formally Logistics Manager for EduMatch Publishing and social media support for Alice Keeler, LLC and other entrepreneurs and small businesses. Currently Events & Marketing Specialist for SpacesEDU by myBlueprint. Forming community with other educators on social media is my jam. Follow Melody on all socials at @mjmcalliwrites.

Melody McAllister

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