Designed to meet your needs and meet your learners where they’re at.

Activities is a feature within SpacesEDU.

Easily create, track and review activities to engage students in the learning process and provide space for self-reflection - all within SpacesEDU.

Introducing Activities!

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Why Activities?

Based on over 15 years of teacher feedback and designed with the 21st-century teacher and learner in mind, SpacesEDU's Activities feature helps you engage today’s students in relevant and personalized learning opportunities from start to finish.

Personalized Learning

Personalize instruction to your subject area or grade by creating custom activities for your students to complete.

Student Voice and Choice

Meet the needs of your diverse group of learners by choosing the format of your instructions and by selecting who you assign activities to.

Feedback Made Easy

Quickly provide feedback, mark submissions as reviewed, and switch between student submissions...all from the same spot!

Opportunities to Show Mastery

Give students multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery and meet activity expectations by allowing them to resubmit their work.
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See activities in action, learn how to create custom activities, and access copy-and-paste activities to use with your students!

Activities Walkthrough

Watch this walkthrough of Activities to see how Activities works.

Learn how you can assign work to students, monitor their submissions, provide real-time feedback, and more.
Here are our top three icebreaker activities to get to know your students!

Watch to learn what they are, how to use them with your students, and the steps to create them in your SpacesEDU account.
Students on laptops sitting around a table

Kick Off the New School Year with This Student Favorite!

Starting the school year means it's time to get to know your students. 

Use this fun ice breaker activity to start building relationships. Just copy and paste the instructions and assign to your students. It's that simple!

Five Activities to Build Relationships Within Your Classroom

Looking for ready-to-go activities to start the school year off with your students?

Here are five activities to help you get to know your students, help your students get to know each other, and set the groundwork for creating a safe and inviting learning environment.
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