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Write the story behind each student's learning journey

Learning doesn’t happen during exams and projects — real moments of student growth happen in everyday learning both in and out of the classroom. Book a hands-on session today to get the scoop on the HUGE updates coming to SpacesEDU:

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Proficiency Based Assessment - proficiency scales allow teachers to define the level of achievement towards curriculum outcomes for specific artifacts or evidences of learning
Reporting Spaces - the living, breathing visual report card for the 21st century
We're listening to teachers! Learn about new updates built directly from your feedback on how to make SpacesEDU better

Showcase how far students have come, and dream of how far they’ll go in their learning.

Celebrate student growth over time with easy-to-understand descriptions of achievement alongside a live visual report card.
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Demonstrate student learning and achievement beyond benchmark assessments.

Highlight student learning and growth over time with easy-to-understand descriptions alongside vibrant color-coded highlights.

Give students and families a live look into their learing with a living, breathing, and  visual report card

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    Curate a summative view of student work to showcase student progress.

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    Provide families with live, meaningful updates of student learning.

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    Connect student's best work to relevant curriculum outcomes, goals, and standards.

A whole suite of updates — built directly from your feedback!

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    Make it even easier for students to access their SpacesEDU by logging in with QR codes!

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    Review student work, define related outcomes and proficiencies, then hit publish — all within seconds.

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    Allow educators to submit work or evidence on behalf of students; making it easier than ever to capture learning.

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Check out the SpacesEDU Video Tutorials for these new features...And more!

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