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SpacesEDU & International Baccalaureate® (IB) programs

SpacesEDU is an easy-to-use collaborative platform meant to provide meaningful assessment and personalized learning experiences to every learner.
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How Does SpacesEDU Support IB?

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    The collaborative nature of SpacesEDU promotes inquiry and develops conceptual understandings

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    The various media types differentiates learning and instruction

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    The space types and media options promote smart assessment practices - both formative and summative

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    IB criterions are uploaded into the Curriculum Tags database. This, in addition to the ability to tag multiple tag sets, helps IB educators with organization and assessment

Tools made specifically to support student-driven learning

Features built into SpacesEDU are designed to document the day-by-day learning in your school and to showcase the process and progress of classroom learning.

Assessment made easy

Organize student learning and make assessment visual

All in one place

Organize student artifacts all in one feed

Curriculum Tags

Support conceptual education using Curriculum Tags

IB Teachers love to showcase the growth of their students with SpacesEDU. See how!

Growth Over Time
Teamwork & Collaboration
Visual Assessment

A hub for your students’ learning journey

Empower students to showcase and reflect on their work central to PYP by letting them choose from a variety of multimodal tools (like video, drawing, voice recording, and more!). Focus on the process, progress, and product of learning.

21st Century Assessment Informed by 15+ Years of Educational Experience

The SpacesEDU team has spent the past fifteen years developing best-in-class education products, watching how they’re used, and iterating based on student and teacher feedback from 6,500 schools.
founder of spaces, a digital portfolio app for the classroom

Born from Research

In 2005, myBlueprint was formed out of a research project which identified a need for better career education and readiness tools for students and educators.
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Serving Students for over 15 Years

Since then, our products have grown to serve more than 360 school districts and one million students in Canada.
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The Best in Portfolio-Based Assessment

Our next big adventure brings us to developing a best-in-class portfolio solution for capturing and communicating education as it happens.
Capture the moments where growth happens with portfolios your students actually want to use
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