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Why Attend

This webinar will help you:

  • Focus on Essential Competencies Over Content: See how prioritizing foundational skills in literacy, numeracy, collaboration, and self-management can create a robust base for student learning and development.
  • Provide Evidence-Based Learning Pathways: Understand how to develop individualized learning plans that allow students to progress based on clear evidence of their learning and mastery, ensuring targeted support and measurable growth.
  • Engage with Varied Instruction: Explore diverse instructional strategies, including project-based learning and technology integration, to cater to different learning needs and keep students engaged and motivated.
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Connect with Danelle

About the Speaker

Danelle Almaraz, an educational leader with over three decades of experience, is committed to advancing leadership in modern education. At InnovateED, she empowers middle-tier leaders, promoting collaboration, innovation, and growth. Danelle champions continuous improvement, student success, and curiosity, advocating for an inclusive educational experience that enables learners at all levels to drive positive change. #onthemove
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