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Communicate Student Learning And Growth

The Spaces Open House is a virtual drop-in event based on communicating student learning, promoting student reflection and reporting on proficiencies of competencies using portfolios.

This virtual event will cover various topics on capturing and communicating student growth and will cover how Spaces continues to make it easier for teachers to celebrate student learning in and out of the classroom.
Hear directly from educators around student communicated learning and get a sneak peek of upcoming Spaces improvements!

Open House Schedule

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Presenters: Harvinder Notay and Tim Zacharias

Inquiry-Based Learning using Spaces

In this presentation, Harvinder and Tim illustrate how they support inquiry-based learning in their classrooms using the Spaces platform. The presentation will offer real-world tactics and tips to provide the audience with a framework for capturing and showcasing student growth through reflective practice.
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Presenter: Russell Gordon

Foster Student Voice and Choice with Spaces

Learn how students use Spaces to capture evidence of learning and conduct panel reviews to prove students' understanding of relevant learning outcomes.
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Presenter: Bonnie Nieves

Increase Student Engagement: Decrease Your Teacher Workload with Spaces

Teachers can learn methods of increasing student engagement by building strong, supportive classroom communities. 

We examine daily and weekly routines that use time with little benefit to student learning.
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Presenter: Gil Silberstein

Our Vision for Authentic Assessment with Spaces

Gil will discuss the current state of Spaces, the vision that determines how Spaces will continue to evolve and how we strive to continually support educators who implement Authentic Assessment within their learning environments.
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Presenters: Bryan Carvalho and Gil Silberstein

Live Q&A + Product Roadmap Review: What’s Coming from Spaces

Join Bryan Carvalho - Director of User Experience, and Gil Silberstein - Founder & CEO of Spaces as they review upcoming new features for Spaces!

At the end of this interactive session, you will also have the chance to ask any burning questions or provide your feedback around Spaces during our live Q&A session.
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Meet Our Presenters

Learn directly from real-world educators in Surrey, Ontario and from abroad! Hear how these teachers are using Spaces to assess and report student proficiencies, communicate student learning, and engage families in the process of learning.

Harvinder Notay — Presenting:
Developing Student Competencies through Reflective Practice (12:00 PM - 12:30 PM PST)

Harvinder Notay is a grade 7 teacher from Surrey School District. She came into education as a part of her investment in her children’s education.

She has taught grades 1 through 7 to gain insights into the cognitive, emotional, and social development of students. She was selected to represent Surrey School District in China in 2019 at an International Teacher’s Conference. In addition, she has been the Social Emotional Learning lead teacher for her school. 

Harvinder has been a school associate for Simon Fraser University for practicum students. She is currently working towards her Masters in Global Education. Facilitating a love of learning through inquiry has been the center of her teaching practice. 

Tim Zacharias — Presenting:
Developing Student Competencies through Reflective Practice (12:00 PM - 12:30 PM PST)

Tim Zacharias is currently an Acting Vice Principal and grade 6/7 teacher from the Surrey School District. 

As a musician and athlete, Tim believes in the power of holistic and cross-curricular education. He is currently working towards his Masters in global education and inquiry-based learning. 

Having a background in International Baccalaureate education, Tim strives to cultivate inquiry thinking and learning in his daily teaching practice.

Russell Gordon — Presenting:
Empowering Student Agency with Portfolios (12:55 PM - 1:25 PM PST)

Russell is a secondary school teacher of Computer Science and Mathematics in Ontario, Canada.

Russell's focus is on building thinking classrooms where students actively grapple with authentic tasks – tasks that are meaningful and contribute to their sense of self and personal confidence. 

He works actively to improve the participation of young women and under-represented groups in STEM fields.

Bonnie Nieves — Presenting:
Increase Student Engagement: Decrease Your Teacher Workload (12:55 PM - 1:25 PM PST)

Bonnie Nieves is a high school Biology teacher with a Master’s Degree in Curriculum, Instruction, and Educational Leadership and a member of the MassCUE board of directors. 

She is passionate about creating immersive, authentic experiences that fuel curiosity and creating student-centred, culturally responsive learning spaces that promote equity and inclusion.

Bonnie encourages you to connect with her on Twitter @biologygoddess, Instagram @beawesomeonpurpose, and LinkedIn.

Bryan Carvalho — Presenting:
Live Q&A + Product Roadmap Review: What’s Coming from Spaces (1:30 PM - 2:00 PM PST)

A User experience designer with more than 8 years of experience - Bryan is passionate about researching and synthesizing educator, family and student needs into creating user-centred products that deliver real value in learning environments. 

A lifelong interest in learning keeps Bryan up to date with market trends and software updates.

Gil Silberstein — Presenting:
Our Vision for Authentic Assessment with Spaces (12:35 PM - 12:50 PM PST)
Live Q&A + Product Roadmap Review: What’s Coming from Spaces (1:30 PM - 2:00 PM PST) 

Gil is an Experienced Founder and CEO with a demonstrated history of leadership in the education technology industry. 

Over the past sixteen years, Gil has spent most of his time learning how teachers and students use edtech tools, iterating based on student and teacher feedback, and helping myBlueprint to serve as a dedicated partner to over 6,500 schools.

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