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November 8
45 minutes
3:30 pm CT Virtual

Why Attend

  • Help your students prepare for their futures by documenting, supporting, and promoting the reflection of deeper learning competencies
  • Learn how to create custom Portrait of a Learner portfolio for all students to document and reflect on the deeper learning competencies with Portfolios
  • See how districts within the commonwealth developed a K-12 learning model to support their portrait of a learner and defense of learning
  • Uncover robust reporting potential for administration to view student growth over time tied to local or state portrait of a learner's competencies
  • Share your feedback and insights on your portrait of a learner
Save Your Spot

What is SpacesEDU?

SpacesEDU is a Portrait of a Learner and competency-based assessment platform built to showcase growth.

Our goal is to help all Kentucky students develop and showcase the deeper learning competencies needed to thrive in life after graduation

Why Bring SpacesEDU Into Your Classroom?

Based on over 15 years of teacher feedback and designed with the 21st-century teacher and learner in mind, SpacesEDU helps educators to engage today’s students in relevant and personalized learning opportunities from start to finish.

Personalized Learning

Personalize instruction to your subject area or grade by creating custom activities for your students to complete.

Student Voice and Choice

Meet the needs of your diverse group of learners by choosing the format of your instructions and by selecting who you assign activities to.

Feedback Made Easy

Quickly provide feedback, mark submissions as reviewed, and switch between student submissions...all from the same spot!

Opportunities to Show Mastery

Give students multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery and meet activity expectations by allowing them to resubmit their work.
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