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21st Century Educational Tools Informed by 15+ Years of Educational Experience

The Spaces team has spent the past fifteen years developing best-in-class education products, watching how they’re used, and iterating based on student and teacher feedback from 6,500 schools.

  • Now Bringing the Best in Digital Portfolios to You

    Our next big adventure brings us to developing a best-in-class portfolio solution for capturing and communicating education as it happens.

    teacher leading students in the classroom
  • Serving Students for over 15 Years

    Since then, our products have grown to serve more than 360 school districts and one million students in Canada.

    students in the classroom using a whiteboard
  • Born from Research 

    In 2005,  myBlueprint, our first product used by over 1m+ students today, was formed out of a research project which identified a need for better career education and readiness tools for students and educators.

    founder of Spaces company
It allows student voice and the voice of students you may not hear to express themselves. I got to hear the thoughts of students who I have never been able to hear from before in the classroom.
Tasha Royer
Teacher, Elizabeth Barrett Elementary School
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