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Standards-Based Grading
Made Awesome.

Capture and connect student learning to your standards, build standards-based reports, and share awesome visual report cards with families.

Connect Student Work Directly to your Standards and Outcomes

Capture and showcase students' level of achievement when it comes to your standards and curriculum outcomes.
  • Tag outcomes specific to your classroom
  • Showcase student progress over time
  • Identify areas requiring improvement
  • Identify areas requiring improvement
  • Celebrate the process and progress behind student achievement

Create Powerful Standards-Based Reporting and Report Cards

View student mastery at a glance, drill down to specific standards, and quickly identify learning gaps for differentiation.
  • Tag outcomes specific to your classroom
  • Showcase student progress over time
  • Identify areas requiring improvement
  • Curate a trail of evidence behind learning
  • Celebrate the process, progress, and products of student learning

Teachers 😍 Spaces. 
But don't take it from us...

Jennifer T. from Charlottesville, VA

Learn how Jennifer uses SpacesEDU as a way to keep students active, showcase creativity and keep them away from the screen.
Distance and Hybrid Learning

Manuela A. from Brooklyn, NY

Learn how Manuela’s school uses SpacesEDU as a way to encourage student self-reflection and keep parents in the loop
Parent Feedback

Kelsey V. from B.C, Canada

See how Kelsey uses SpacesEDU as a way to assess and document student progress over time.
Student Growth

Rachel T. from Pittsburgh, PA

Find out how Rachel uses SpacesEDU to provide a safe environment for students to practice pronunciation and make mistakes without worry.
Second Languages

Sue. from Kenora, ON

Learn how Sue uses SpacesEDU in her music class to help students see their achievements in their learning.
Assessment and Growth

Bring Standards-Based Grading into your classrooms

21st Century Assessment Informed by 15+ Years of Educational Experience

The Spaces team has spent the past fifteen years developing best-in-class education products, watching how they’re used, and iterating based on student and teacher feedback from 6,500 schools.
founder of spaces, a digital portfolio app for the classroom

Born from Research

In 2005, myBlueprint was formed out of a research project which identified a need for better career education and readiness tools for students and educators.
students in the classroom using a whiteboard

Serving Students for over 15 Years

Since then, our products have grown to serve more than 360 school districts and one million students in Canada.
teacher leading students in the classroom

The Best in Standards-Based Assessment

Our next big adventure brings us to developing a best-in-class outcomes-based solution for capturing and communicating education as it happens.
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