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21st century skills

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Creative Confidence Lesson Plan

This lesson will inspire students to develop their creative confidence and not worry about the opinion of others or needing to be ...

Collaboration Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is meant to encourage and motivate children to determine how to successfully collaborate and work together as team players ...

Effective Communication Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is meant to encourage and motivate students to express their thoughts and emotions through effective communication. The lesson plan ...

Citizenship Lesson Plan

This lesson will allow students to explore the concept of citizenship by brainstorming real-world issues that are important to them and their ...

From Nuisance to Learning Platform - How Teachers are Transforming TikTok into an Edtech Tool

TikTok has pretty much taken over the world at this point. While your students have been stuck at home due to the ...

The Rise of the Learner Profile

As schools reopen this fall, there is pressure to return to “business as usual” and simply resume the way things were before ...

A lesson plan package for 21st-century skill development

As the world continues to change at a rapid pace so do the skills required for new students entering the workforce. In ...

What 21st-Century Life Skills Do Hiring Managers Wish they Had Before Graduation?

What 21st-Century Life Skills Should Students Have Before Entering the Workforce? During the first season of the Competentencies without a Classroom podcast, ...

21 Books Teachers Wish They Had Read Before They Were 18

We all have a book that changed our life for the better, opening our mind to new concepts, ideas, and competencies. For ...

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