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STEAM Lesson Plan: Fractal Watercolors

This lesson plan will teach students about amazing, intricate fractals and how they show up naturally in our world. Students will use ...

Logic Puzzles Lesson Plan

This lesson plan will engage students in using their creativity to plan and make a colorful, creative puzzle. It will challenge students ...

Creative Confidence Lesson Plan

This lesson will inspire students to develop their creative confidence and not worry about the opinion of others or needing to be ...

Collaboration Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is meant to encourage and motivate children to determine how to successfully collaborate and work together as team players ...

A STEM Lesson Plan: Cultivating Persistence & Problem Solving Skills

In this lesson plan, students will continue to practice persistence and problem solving skills by creating a boat that will float on ...

Problem Solving Stations Lesson Plan

This lesson is meant to encourage and motivate children to persevere and work through difficult tasks. Although this lesson is specifically tailored ...

I’m Sorry Story: The Importance of Sincere Apologies | Lesson Plan

Taking responsibility for when you’ve hurt others is a very important life skill. This lesson plan opens up the conversation and helps ...

See. Think. Wonder. - Critical Thinking Lesson Plan

This lesson will introduce students to the concept of critical thinking. Students will observe an interesting photo and engage in a critical ...

Effective Communication Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is meant to encourage and motivate students to express their thoughts and emotions through effective communication. The lesson plan ...

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