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See. Think. Wonder. - Critical Thinking Lesson Plan

This lesson will introduce students to the concept of critical thinking. Students will observe an interesting photo and engage in a critical ...

Effective Communication Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is meant to encourage and motivate students to express their thoughts and emotions through effective communication. The lesson plan ...

Citizenship Lesson Plan

This lesson will allow students to explore the concept of citizenship by brainstorming real-world issues that are important to them and their ...

Engineering Challenge: Developing Perseverance Lesson Plan (K-6)

Students will be challenged to persevere through an engineering design challenge as they strive to build the best possible Puff Mobile. The ...

Sparking Creativity Lesson Plan

This lesson is meant to teach students how to think outside of the box. Students will learn how to be more creative ...

Student BookChats Lesson Plan

In this lesson plan, you'll help your readers connect more deeply with the books they are reading by offering feedback and allowing ...

Character Traits Lesson Plan

This lesson will focus on the character trait of “respect”. This lesson can be used each month focusing on a different character ...

Needs Versus Wants Lesson Plan

This lesson plan will introduce students to the difference between needs and wants. By classifying everyday items as needs versus wants, students ...

Building Bridges Lesson Plan

This lesson will help students explore the profession of engineering by building bridges. Students will learn about different types of bridges and ...

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