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How to Make Competency-Based Education Possible Using SpacesEDU

How to Make Competency Based Education Possible Using SpacesEDU As we start to see a shift in education and classroom culture, we ...

Digital Bookshelves for Independent Reading

Promoting a Culture of Reading with Digital Bookshelves  Who here likes checking paper reading logs? No takers? Well, how about chasing down ...

From Nuisance to Learning Platform - How Teachers are Transforming TikTok into an Edtech Tool

TikTok has pretty much taken over the world at this point. While your students have been stuck at home due to the ...

A lesson plan package for 21st-century skill development

As the world continues to change at a rapid pace so do the skills required for new students entering the workforce. In ...

The Battle Between Standardized Tests and 21st-Century Skills

If you spend some time looking around the internet, you’ll quickly find that there are a lot of opinions floating around on ...

From Boring Lessons to Engaged Learners: How Project-Based and Problem-Based Learning Can Transform Your Teaching

This is a guest post by Sara Segar, founder of Experiential Learning Depot and a former high school biology teacher at a ...

The Educator's Role in Preparing Students for Jobs That Don't Exist Yet

One of the greatest pleasures of being a teacher is the ability to set your students up for success and watch them ...

Maximizing Learning with Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) and Digital Portfolios

Picture yourself in an art gallery. You walk the aisles and appreciate the pieces you see. You stumble upon a piece that ...

How to implement project-based learning with digital portfolios

This is a guest post by Nicholas Provenzano, the award-winning educator and best-selling author behind The Nerdy Teacher. As a teacher that ...

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