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One way you can help students prepare for jobs that don’t exist yet

One of the greatest pleasures of being a teacher is the ability to set your students up for success and watch them ...

Thought-provoking student reflection questions for every scenario

Reflection encourages students to take a moment to look back and appreciate their learning progress, to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and goals, ...

How to implement visual thinking strategies (VTS) in your class

Picture yourself in an art gallery (COVID-19 edition: wearing your mask, of course). You walk the aisles and appreciate the pieces you ...

How to implement project-based learning with digital portfolios

This is a guest post by Nicholas Provenzano, the award-winning educator and best-selling author behind The Nerdy Teacher. As a teacher that ...

Using digital portfolios to support the documentation of knowledge

Keeping digital portfolios at the core of your work with students is key to building habits of documentation, making learning visible, and ...

How to make your teaching videos accessible (and why)

Recently, I asked a group of educators how they’d make teaching videos accessible this fall. Many of the suggestions, which I’ve included ...

#teachersoftiktok: How to effectively use TikTok in your classroom

In a COVID world, it feels as if using tech is the only way to really communicate with your students. But, let’s ...

How to use video to give engaging student feedback

Creating short videos for each student to help articulate your feedback in a medium they love can be a great way to ...

Focusing on feedback over grades

Like standardized test scores, grades are intended to give us a simple, quantifiable, and comparable measurement of performance. But many educators (and ...

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