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Promoting Student Voice at Rocky View Schools

Meet Rocky View Schools.

Located on the outskirts of Calgary, Alberta, Rocky View Schools (RVS) is a Canadian school district serving approximately 25,000 students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 across 54 schools.


The strategic plan at RVS focuses on student-led and student engagement initiatives. For RVS, successfully executing on these 3 pillars was mission-critical to meeting the requirements of their most recent four-year strategic plan.
  • Connecting students to their authentic passions and interests
  • Achieving student potential, including the improvement of literacy and numeracy skills
  • Promoting student voice and ownership of learning, through a 3-way conferencing model that collaboratively engages students, families, and educators
Rocky View Schools Education Center Building

How Spaces helped them get there

With innovative technologies like Spaces, the team at RVS has transformed the way they engage with students and have been able to successfully execute on the pillars of their most recent four-year plan.

Capturing & communicating student growth

For RVS, Spaces offers an interactive, student-centered tool designed to support discovery, enable reflection, and develop a growth mindset. RVS is able to empower students to explore their passions and interests and gather multimedia evidence of learning in a self-directed, personalized way.
Students reading and learning

“It allows student voice and the voice of students you may not hear to express themselves. I got to hear the thoughts of students who I have never been able to hear from before in the classroom.”

- Tasha Royer, Teacher at Elizabeth Barrett.

Providing real-time feedback and meaningful assessment

RVS is able to put students at the center of their growth and progress, develop metacognition and 21st-century skills, and shift to a growth mindset for all learners. As RVS moves towards real-time reporting and ongoing, meaningful feedback, they can see their students embrace challenges and recognize that with persistence, even mistakes and failures are springboards on the path to developing mastery.

Improving engagement with families

By involving families throughout the learning process and sharing growth and development on a regular basis, parents and guardians are well-positioned to support student learning. Teachers love how excited students get to share their learning with their families, and how excited parents are to see their children’s competencies develop.
Family sitting together

“My parents were really impressed at conference time to see videos and photographs and exemplars of students’ work all laid out for them.” 

- Kimberley Lee, Teacher at Herons Crossing School

2018-2019 School Year

By the Numbers

  • 185,000 student logins
  • More than 240,000 posts added to portfolios
  • 25,972 goals set
  • 2,347 family accounts created
  • 10,000 family logins to view and comment on their children’s work
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