What is Spaces?

Backed by 15+ years of educator feedback, Spaces is an assessment platform designed to capture, communicate, and showcase student growth in the classroom.

Why Bring Spaces Into Your Classroom?

Based on over 15 years of teacher feedback and designed with the 21st-century teacher and learner in mind, Spaces helps educators to engage today’s students in relevant and personalized learning opportunities from start to finish.

Personalized Learning

Personalize instruction to your subject area or grade by creating custom activities for your students to complete.

Student Voice and Choice

Meet the needs of your diverse group of learners by choosing the format of your instructions and by selecting who you assign activities to.

Feedback Made Easy

Quickly provide feedback, mark submissions as reviewed, and switch between student submissions...all from the same spot!

Opportunities to Show Mastery

Give students multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery and meet activity expectations by allowing them to resubmit their work.

Teachers Share How They Use Spaces

A Window into the Classroom

Learn why Leslie uses Spaces to give feedback and provide Parents a window into the classroom.
Social Studies
Leslie G. from Albany, NY
Social Studies Teacher

Platform for Distance and Hybrid Learning

Learn how Jennifer uses Spaces as a way to keep students active, showcase creativity and keep them off screens.
Distance and Hybrid Learning
Jennifer T. from Charlottesville, VA
Grade 6, 7 & 8 Teacher

Platform for Self-Reflection and Parent Feedback

Learn how Manuela’s school uses Spaces as a way to encourage student self-reflection and keep parents in the loop.
Parent Feedback
Manuela A. from Brooklyn, NY
Technology Integrator

Document Student Growth Over Time

See how Kelsey uses Spaces as a way to assess and document student progress over time.
Student Growth
Kelsey V. from B.C, Canada
Secondary School Teacher

Proficiency and Mastery of Second Languages

Find out how Rachel uses Spaces to provide a safe environment for students to practice pronunciation and make mistakes without worry.
Second Languages
Rachel T. from Pittsburgh, PA
Spanish Teacher

Assessment and Growth in the Same Space

Learn how Sue uses Spaces in her music class to help students see their achievements in their learning.
Assessment and Growth
Sue. from Kenora, ON
Music Instructor
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