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Our Why

As we learn about the world around us, we learn about ourselves. From solving that pesky calculus problem to thinking critically about a difficult event in history, every situation prompts an opportunity to learn about who we are and how we think.

A grade or test score doesn’t tell that story. But Spaces can.

Our Story

We may be the new kid on the block — but we’re not new.

We’ve spent the past fifteen years developing 
best-in-class education products, watching how 
they’re used, and iterating based on student and 
teacher feedback from 6,500 schools.

Started as a research project

In 2005 myBlueprint was formed out of a research project that pointed to the need for better career education and readiness tools.

15+ years serving Canadian students

Since then, myBlueprint has grown to serve more than 360 school districts and one million students in Canada.

Now, bringing portfolios with a purpose to you

Our next big adventure brings us to developing a best-in-class portfolio solution for capturing and communicating education as it happens.

Our newest product is designed with what everything we’ve learned in mind. Spaces is being developed to solve the challenges we’ve heard from countless educators.
We’re so excited to see what you think.

Get early access for free!

Try out Spaces this school year and your feedback will shape the product
to serve you and your students best.

Our Leadership Team

The Spaces team is led by these amazing folks:

Gil Silberstein


Damian Matheson


Bryan Carvalho


Alvin Poon


Sierra Holtzheuser


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