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Student Portfolios Tell The Stories That Traditional Report Cards Can't

Celebrate the process and progress behind student learning with powerful and easy-to-use student portfolios!
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Capture the Process and Progress Behind Student Learning

Upload and showcase student work using a variety of media, with a tool that students love!
different students working within Spaces
  • Connect student work directly to learning goals and standards/ outcomes
  • Create custom Portfolio Templates that align with district initiatives like Portrait of a Graduate and Capstone Projects
  • Give students the voice and choice to upload work how they choose
    Equip teachers with the means to easily track, view, post, and provide feedback on student learning and growth
  • Create an environment for peer feedback and review
  • Access anytime, anywhere - from your Desktop or mobile app

How do Spaces work?

Create as many Spaces as you need from three different Space types, each designed for your classroom needs. Easily move from one Space to another depending on how students want to learn
A teacher emoji linked to a box of 12 student emojis
The default class Space. Where teachers can engage with class-wide discussion, share files & media with all students.
A teacher emoji linked to 3 different groups of student emojis
For engaging with select groups of students within your class. Posts that students share remain visible to you and their group -- not the entire class.
A teacher emoji linked to a single student emoji
A Space unique to each individual learner - allowing students to engage directly with the teacher or share evidence of their learning with family.

Tell the Whole Story with Project-Based Learning

Leverage student portfolios to document skill development and project work, promote continuous peer and teacher feedback, and showcase accomplishments
  • Create a learning environment for individual or peer collaboration
  • Document student growth and learning in and out of the classroom using up to 10 multimedia attachments
  • Provide ongoing teacher and peer feedback during project planning and creation
  • Prompt student reflection to uncover learning experiences and assess project outcomes
  • Provide students with a simple tool that empowers them to showcase their projects with peers and family
It brings the class together in one space without limitations. Everyone gets same information at the same time, distance isn't a barrier.
Teacher, FlipLearn Kids
It's a great platform! It allows me to diversify my students' learning opportunities and involve parents more by making communication easier.
I find it useful for certain collaborative aspects of my courses, where I want students to submit work, but also be able to provide feedback or work in ad hoc groups on an activity
Secondary, SD33 Chiliwack

Meet the SpacesEDU team

With 15+ years serving 360 school districts and one million students in Canada, our next big adventure brings us to develop a digital documentation and assessment platform built to better engage families, to showcase and celebrate student growth, and to reduce the redundancies that come with utilizing separate platforms for digital documentation and reporting.
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Capture the moments where growth happens with portfolios your students actually want to use
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