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Privacy Center

Learn about how we protect your information

At SpacesEDU, we believe in putting the student at the centre of their journey with our product. Protecting student privacy is foundational to how we’ve built our company and is a key consideration in the decisions we make.

Standards First

SpacesEDU is a proud supporter of the Standards First Pledge. As part of a community that is committed to make open standards the first and primary choice for education technology integrations, we are advocates for standards based integrations. This is a cause we are passionate about and have taken the Standards First pledge to confirm our support.

Find out more about Standards First.

We are committed to protecting student privacy.
Here is our Privacy Pledge:

You will not be advertised to

We do not use the personal information of K-12 students for any marketing or targeted advertising.

You will always own your work

We do not own your personal information, your uploaded files, your reflections, or your messages.

You have the right to be forgotten

When you delete your account, we will delete data and files associated with your account. We delete student accounts that are inactive after 18 months.

Your data will never be sold

We do not share or sell personal information to anyone for any reason. Period.

Your classroom is private by default

Every new class in SpacesEDU starts with private student workspaces. Based on how SpacesEDU will be used in your classroom, teachers can choose to open up student work to family members and other students for class discussions.

Your data is secure

We store data in a highly-secure Microsoft Azure datacenter. Microsoft Azure provides industry-leading compliance and privacy certifications to keep student data in Spaces safe.

We're committed to student 

SpacesEDU is compliant with FERPA and COPPA to 
ensure your safety.

Privacy Resources for 
Families and Educators

Family Privacy Kit

Read about our commitment to your family’s safety and security when using our platform.
Download PDF

Educator Privacy Kit

Adopting SpacesEDU in your class? Here are some tips for encouraging safe behavior in your class.
Download PDF
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