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Cultivate Equity and Inclusion in the Classroom

Celebrate all learners with a digital documentation tool that supports differentiated learning opportunities.
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Provide an Inclusive Learning Environment for Diverse Voices

Support personalized learning by providing an opportunity for students to showcase, reflect, and celebrate their learning, strengths, and experiences
  • Give students the voice and choice to upload work using their preferred medium - using any device!
  • Promote self-directed learning with goal setting activities
  • Build students’ self advocacy through reflection on their lived experiences in and outside of the classroom
  • Foster a sense of community in your classroom with peer assessment and collaboration
  • Celebrate diversity by showcasing unique strengths, perspectives, and contributions of each student
  • Create private Individual Spaces for one, select few, or all students to showcase student growth with stakeholders that support these learners (e.g., IEP)

Celebrate Growth for all Learners with Differentiated Learning

Adapt your learning Space and assessment practices based on student needs
  • Demonstrate skill development using multimedia evidence for diverse learners
  • Adapt and scaffold Activities based on students’ support needs, interests, and strengths using a variety of media types
  • Implement strength-based assessment practices
  • Adjust your learning Space to provide tailored instruction and feedback to students
  • Engage families of students with IEP/SEP/IPPs and gifted learning paths and assure student accommodations are being met
  • Celebrate the process of learning taking place in and outside the classroom with families
It is a safe space for sharing, discussing, and peer and self-critiquing
Teacher, Ottawa Catholic School Board

Meet the SpacesEDU team

With 15+ years serving 360 school districts and one million students in Canada, our next big adventure brings us to develop a digital documentation and assessment platform built to better engage families, to showcase and celebrate student growth, and to reduce the redundancies that come with utilizing separate platforms for digital documentation and reporting.
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PP Equity & Inclusion Long Form
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