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SpacesEDU Pricing

Flexible options for schools and district-wide implementation of competency-based education and Portrait of a Graduate portfolios.
For Individual Teachers

SpacesEDU Core

Get started with core features that are easy to use.
Core Features:
  • PK-12 learning environments
  • Multimedia tools to capture student learning and provide formative feedback
  • Activities with birds-eye view of submission status, media attachments, formative feedback, tags applied, and student reflections
For Schools & Districts

SpacesEDU Pro

Take your implementation to the next level with district- and school-wide features.
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Includes all Core Features plus:
  • SIS/LMS Sync, Class Rostering, Single Sign-On, and QR Code login
  • School and district-wide engagement data
  • Family accounts
For Schools & Districts

SpacesEDU Enterprise

Scale implementation to meet your district- or school-wide needs.
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Includes all Pro Features & Choose:
  • Customized standards, proficiency scale, and class-level proficiency report
  • Visual and interactive summative report
  • Customized and standardized portfolio templates, including Portrait of a Graduate, Capstone, and defense of learning

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Options for Everyone!


*These features are part of an add-on.


*These features are part of an add-on.


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Personalized Learning & Student Engagement

Class Spaces

1:1 Spaces

Group Spaces

Manual or automated spaces for peer feedback, project-based learning, and collaboration

Rich Media Feedback and Self-Reflection

Student-Centered Digital Documentation

Digital Portfolios

Portfolio Templates

Centrally coordinated templates for Portrait of a Graduate, Capstone, applications, and more

Share URL

View-only portfolio sharing for job, college, and scholarship applications, and community engagement
Competency-Based Education

Scheduled Activities (Lessons) with Due Dates

Standards and Curriculum Outcome Alignment


Learning Journey Year-to-Year

Proficiency Scales for Standards-Based Grading


Custom Competencies

To drive student skill development and reflection

Proficiency Report


Standards-Based Gradebook


Reporting Space

For visual summaries of learning and summative reporting
Family Engagement

Family Accounts with SIS Rostering

One and Two-Way Messaging

Read Receipts

Reactions and Comments

Family Email and In-app Notifications

Engagement Dashboard

Administration and IT

Google and Microsoft Integration

Security by Design

SIS/LMS Sync, Rostering, and SSO

Admin Class Management Tools

Data and Reporting

Support and Training

Email and Chat Support

Live Webinars

Asynchronous Training Courses and Video Tutorials

Comprehensive Resources and Knowledge Base

Dedicated Partner Success Specialist

Premium Support

Custom Professional Development with Expert Facilitators

Change Management Professional Development with Assessment Experts


Needs Assessment and Formal Long-Range Plan Creation


Common Questions

1. What are the use cases for SpacesEDU?

SpacesEDU is a digital portfolio and proficiency-based assessment platform built to support personalized, competency-based education and Portrait of a Graduate initiatives.

Over 90% of district administrators feel SpacesEDU supports the development of students with 21st century skills and competencies.

2. How does SpacesEDU support Portrait of a Graduate?

Looking to bring your Portrait of a Graduate poster off the wall and into the educational and pedagogical practices in your schools?

SpacesEDU allows school district administrators to create district-wide templates based on their local Portrait of a Graduate competencies and customize their grade ranges to ensure age-appropriate, student-centered documentation and self-assessment of durable skills K-12.

Learn how SpacesEDU supports Portrait of a Graduate initiatives.

3. How does SpacesEDU support competency-based education and deeper learning?

Are you looking to implement project-based learning, support the development of deeper learning and 21st century skills, or implement standards-based grading?

SpacesEDU makes this easy with digital documentation tools, proficiency scales and reports – all in one platform.

Get your free vendor selection guide to learn more.

4. How does SpacesEDU support family engagement?

Do you want to engage families in the learning journey and spark meaningful conversation between school and home?

Over 80% of family members find SpacesEDU easy to use.

SpacesEDU allows you to actively engage families with a seamless, tech-friendly experience – one app for all and one login across methods (web and app.). Families can see and celebrate learning with reactions and multimedia, and one- and two-way direct messaging with parent notifications and read receipts ensure communications get actioned on.

Learn why Bel-Essor School chose SpacesEDU to share learning with families.

5. What SpacesEDU tier is right for me? Core, Pro, Enterprise?

Choose Core if you’re looking for digital tools to enhance individual classroom learning and engagement.

Pro might be the best fit if you’re hoping to drive school-wide or district-wide accountability and alignment across initiatives, classrooms, and schools.

Check out Enterprise if competency-based education, Portrait of a Graduate, or standards-based grading initiatives are on your strategic plan. Amazing things can happen when you leverage one digital tool K-12 that meets multiple district-wide goals.

Just like your students, your district's needs may change over time. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to scale SpacesEDU.

6. What does the typical roll-out process look like?

We’ve spent the past 18 years working with school districts to meet the goals outlined in their strategic plans, and have defined a proven roll-out and implementation strategy that engages all relevant stakeholders.

Our partners that license Pro or Enterprise work with their Partner Success Specialist to define goals, create communication and training plans, customize relevant resources, and ensure successful adoption of the software.

We want to make sure that SpacesEDU is the right fit for you! We work with each district to tailor their strategy, including offering a proof of concept term, to effectively evaluate the software for your use case and unique population of students.

7. How does SpacesEDU address student data privacy and security?

We know that privacy, security, and accessibility are important factors to consider when evaluating solutions – and we take them seriously.

Access our Privacy Center to learn how we protect your information.

Read Our Commitment to Accessibility for an overview of technical accessibility information.

8. Does SpacesEDU integrate with my school district’s existing tech stack?

Both SpacesEDU Pro and Enterprise offer SSO and OneRoster, and are able to sync with your student information system (SIS) and learning management system (LMS).

We integrate with many popular tech tools, including Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

9. How do I get started with SpacesEDU in my school or district?

If you’re a school or district leader looking to get started with SpacesEDU or want to learn how SpacesEDU can meet your needs, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

10. Ready to build your own local Portrait of a Graduate?

Our software is the perfect way to implement your district's Portrait of a Graduate competencies into a district-created, student-driven portfolio to support defense of learning, accountability, and take your Portrait of a Graduate from poster to practice.

While we don’t help you build your Portrait of a Graduate, we know people who do! Email us and we’ll connect you to the right people to support the creation of your local Portrait of a Graduate.

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