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SpacesEDU Pricing

Flexible options for individual teachers and school/district-wide implementation of SpacesEDU
For Teachers

SpacesEDU Free

For educators looking to get started with implementing SpacesEDU in their classroom.

  • Free for Individual Educators
  • K-12 Learning Portfolios
  • Connect Student Work to Curriculum Goals
  • Multimedia Tools to Capture Student Learning
  • Google and Microsoft Integration
  • Assess Student Work using a 4-point Proficiency Scale
For Schools & Districts

SpacesEDU Pro

For administrators and districts looking to implement SpacesEDU across their schools and all educators.

Get in touch with SpacesEDU
  • Everything in SpacesEDU Free
  • Customize your Curriculum Tags or Standards
  • SIS/LMS Sync, Class Rostering, & Single Sign-on
  • Customize your Proficiency Scale
  • Learning travels with Students over the Years
  • Dedicated Customer Success Specialist and Premium Support
  • Optional Reporting Add-on
Learn more about SpacesEDU Free and SpacesEDU Pro features.

Why do teachers love using SpacesEDU?

Jennifer T. from Charlottesville, VA

Learn how Jennifer uses SpacesEDU as a way to keep students active, showcase creativity and keep them away from the screen.
Distance and Hybrid Learning

Manuela A. from Brooklyn, NY

Learn how Manuela’s school uses SpacesEDU as a way to encourage student self-reflection and keep parents in the loop
Parent Feedback

Kelsey V. from B.C, Canada

See how Kelsey uses SpacesEDU as a way to assess and document student progress over time.
Student Growth

Rachel T. from Pittsburgh, PA

Find out how Rachel uses SpacesEDU to provide a safe environment for students to practice pronunciation and make mistakes without worry.
Second Languages

Sue. from Kenora, ON

Learn how Sue uses SpacesEDU in her music class to help students see their achievements in their learning.
Assessment and Growth

Teachers Love Spaces

Just a little bit of the love that we’ve been receiving

Options for Everyone!

Filter table to display only the key differences between Free and Pro

SpacesEDU Free

For Teachers

SpacesEDU Pro

For Schools & Districts
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Student Portfolios + Evidence of Learning

Class Spaces

Your shared Space to build a community and celebrate growth and learning with your class - teachers can control access and customize visibility

Individual Spaces

1:1 Teacher to student Spaces for subject and unit specific work, reporting, and Student-Led Conference portfolios

Group Spaces

A collaborative Space for groups of students for group discussions, asynchronous breakout rooms, group projects, and peer review.
Formative and Summative Assessments

Curriculum Tags

Add local and national assessment standards or outcomes and connect evidence of learning to your relevant curriculum goals.

Proficiency Scales

Define the level of achievement or proficiency for any piece of student work and keep a record of evidence on student competency for specific standards and outcomes

Create Activities (Lessons)

Create activities for the entire class, or differentiate instructions with adapted activities for individuals or groups.

Work Follows Students from K-12 (and after too!)

Students see their growth and progress with access to past work as they transition from grade to grade, between schools, and into life after high school

Reporting Spaces (Summative Assessment Space) - Additional Add-On for SpacesEDU Pro

Create a visual style report card summarizing each child’s best work, with room for descriptive feedback, and a summary of student proficiency related to specific subjects or areas of learning.

Customizable Proficiency Scales

Make Proficiency Scales your own! Customize the proficiency scale set with different grade levels, descriptors, or colors to ensure consistent language and reporting across your school or district.

Customizable Curriculum Tags

Want to add your own custom set of academic, behavioural, or portfolio outcomes? Maybe you want to customize your language to be more family-friendly? Get full customization of your curriculum set here!

Searchable Database of Standards

Add local and national assessment standards and outcomes (in collaboration with the Common Standards Project)

Learning Tags

Align and track mastery of learning using standards, outcomes, and competencies

Learning Objectives

Set “power standards” or objectives for your class and make them visible to students and families to increase transparency

Tag Filters

Use tags to organize, filter, and report on relevant student work


Send multimedia messages to individual students, groups, teachers, and family - and decide if and when to allow replies


Quick access channels to message all students, all family members, or both


In-app, push, and email notifications keep teachers, students, and family up-to-date on what’s happening in the classroom

Classroom Management

Create unlimited classes and invite students, co-teachers, and family

Class Code or Google Classroom

Invite students in the way that is easiest for you

Class Feed

The home for all the Spaces in your classroom and a dashboard view of all the action

Co-Teachers (Share Class)

Invite up-to 10 co-teachers to collaborate to any classroom

District or Schoolwide Management

Easily manage students and staff with district and school admin access

Centralized Management (SSO)

Provision, manage, and authenticate teacher and student accounts with Single Sign-On (SSO)

QR Code Login

Create and share QR codes for simple login process for students

Class Rostering

Setup your school or district with CSV Imports or OneRoster 1.1 compliant SIS/LMS Sync capabilities

Engagement Dashboard

Track engagement with an overview of SpacesEDU usage by teacher, student, and family in each school or across the district

Historical Access to Content & Data

Admin and teachers (if enabled) can learn about their students by viewing past work from any classroom

Share Posts

Move posts between Spaces and share posts via URL to showcase work with those that matter

Personal Spaces

Student driven portfolios to capture work, showcase
progress, or use as a visual resume

Share Spaces

Share a Personal Space with a teacher, employer, or in a job, post-secondary, or scholarship application with a publicly accessible URL

Family Rostering

Directly roster family members to their associated students through an integration with your SIS/LMS.

District Portfolio Templates

Quickly create consistent, awesome portfolios to share across your school or district. Ensure a consistent experience for students, families, and educators with templates built to get you started quickly!

Compatibility with 100s of other apps

”Smash” content from 100s of apps, such as Google Drive, Flipgrid, or Kahoot!, directly into SpacesEDU

Knowledge Base

Messenger & Email Support

Have a quick question? Or maybe you just want to share an emoji with the SpacesEDU team? Get in touch with SpacesEDU through our Chat Support.

Recorded Webinars

Want to get started with SpacesEDU and don’t know where to go? Or maybe you want to level up your skills and take your SpacesEDU class to the next level? Our on- demand webinars will help you to get the best practices with making the most of your SpacesEDU experience.

Dedicated Customer Success Specialist

Get full access to a SpacesEDU Expert who is dedicated to helping your school or district make the most out of SpacesEDU.

Onboarding Specialist

ake your onboarding of SpacesEDU an engaging and exciting experience for teachers, families, and students! Your Onboarding Specialist will be ready to help make the implementation of SpacesEDU a successful one.

Live Professional Development

Receive live professional development from the SpacesEDU team! Our live PD sessions are always engaging, fun, and informative — the SpacesEDU team brings to your school/district best practices and insights from SpacesEDU users all over the world!
Add-on Option

Reporting Add-on

Our most comprehensive plan for Schools & Districts. Everything in SpacesEDU Pro 🚀 plus the following:
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Unlock SpacesEDU for your reporting needs 📈
✅ Proficiency Reports

Focus instruction with a “grade book” style view of the standards and competencies being demonstrated, along with the most recent or average mastery score for tagged evidence. Easily identify gaps, areas for support or intervention, and growth over time.

📝 Reporting Spaces

Imagine a summative portfolio or standards-based report card where evidence captured throughout the year is interactive, organized, and shareable - that’s Reporting Spaces. A visual collection of work that demonstrates student learning between the tests and benchmark assessments.

  • Teacher Summary Statements
  • Areas of Learning + Feedback
  • Assessment Scale for each Area of Learning

Common Questions


What SpacesEDU account is best for me?

Are you an individual teacher looking to get started with student portfolios, Profile of a Graduate, or standards-based assessments? 

Or maybe you’re looking to facilitate student self-reflection, peer review, and classroom engagement?

A SpacesEDU Free account is perfect for you!

As a school/district administrator looking to bring a Profile of a Graduate, student portfolio, or competency-based assessment program into your school, SpacesEDU Pro offers the tools needed to roll-out a consistent, managed program across each of the classrooms in your school or district.

What is the difference between a teacher and administrator account?

Teacher accounts are focused on supporting students with capturing and documenting learning. Using personal or shared devices, students and teachers can capture and upload media of any type to showcase their learning in and out of the classroom. Family accounts allow educators to celebrate growth by making it easy to invite families to have a desk-side view of their child’s learning.

Administrative accounts are focused on the facilitation and implementation of SpacesEDU across school or district-wide uses. With SIS/LMS Sync, data imports, premium support, customization tools, reporting, and more - administrative accounts enable users to manage educators across classrooms, ensuring students and teachers a consistent experience.


What’s the difference between SpacesEDU and my LMS?

What are the minimum specs on my computer or smartphone to run SpacesEDU?

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