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Assessment and Reporting Made Awesome

Standards-Based Grading and Competency-Based Education with one tool
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Connect Student Work Directly to your Standards and Outcomes

Capture and assess student growth and learning anytime, anywhere
  • Attach specific state, provincial, ISTE, Common Core, or custom standards
  • Connect student work directly to curriculum goals and outcomes
  • Define student mastery or proficiency for competency-based education with a click
  • Create a trail of multimedia evidence behind student assessment
  • Celebrate the process and progress leading to mastery
  • Develop cross-curricular activities using backward universal design and pre-tag assignments with the outcomes to be assessed

Promote Student Agency with Clear Learning Objectives and Ongoing Feedback

Empower students to take ownership of their learning and encourage reflection
  • Set clear learning objectives and standards for students
  • Allow students to create their own learning goals
  • Facilitate continuous feedback on student progress towards mastery of standards and essential skills
  • Encourage reflection and self-improvement
  • Provide opportunities for reassessment to develop a growth mindset

Informed Standards-Based Reporting

View student mastery of specific standards at a glance and quickly identify next steps for student success and differentiation opportunities
  • Showcase student progress toward mastery over time
  • Identify areas for reassessment/reteaching
  • Quickly view coverage of standards in your class
  • Easily filter a report by individual students for one-on-one conferencing
  • See trends across assignments and standards with GrowthBook

Share Live Visual Report Cards with Families

Create personalized, standards-based report cards and progress reports that share the full story of student learning over time
  • Curate a live, standards-based visual report card with Reporting Spaces
  • Reduce time spent on reporting by bookmarking evidence of learning in real time
  • Add a summary statement to provide an overview of students’ overall progress
  • Create custom Areas of Learning for written commentary on specific subjects or competencies
  • Engage families in their student’s learning journey with a multimedia report at various progress points
This app has been an incredible tool for competency-based instruction and proficiency-based assessment. It's allowed students to make meaningful decisions about their learning.
Stephanie Carpenter
Elementary Teacher, SD91 Nechako Lakes
I find it to be a great blend of easy to use and great resources for showing off work. I like the proficiency grading system. My students like seeing this as well.
Secondary, SD22 Vernon
I like SpacesEDU because it’s portfolio-based assessment and aligns with provincial curriculum and proficiency scales. I also like that is uses an app and allows for communication between teachers, students, and parents.
Secondary, SD73 Kamloops-Thompson
SpacesEDU, as our new reporting and digital portfolio tool, has been a catalyst for deeper conversations about what quality assessment looks like, how we can further engage our students in their own learning journey, as well as communicate more effectively with parents about their child's learning.
Carmen Larsen
Director of Learning, Holy Spirit Catholic School Division

Meet the SpacesEDU team

With 15+ years serving 360 school districts and one million students in Canada, our next big adventure brings us to develop a digital documentation and assessment platform built to better engage families, to showcase and celebrate student growth, and to reduce the redundancies that come with utilizing separate platforms for digital documentation and reporting.
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Capture the moments where growth happens with portfolios your students actually want to use
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