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Give Families a Window Into the Classroom

Provide families with a full story of their student’s learning process by documenting evidence using multimedia, curating a live visual report card, and starting a dialogue via two-way direct messaging
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Engage Parents in their Student’s Learning Journey

Foster a whole student approach by connecting families, educators, and students all within the same Space
  • Invite multiple family members to create a Family Account - accessible from any device
  • Set visibility settings to determine which evidence of learning is to be viewed by families
  • Improve families’ understanding of classroom goals and standards-based assessment
  • Provide families with the full learner story including ‘day-to-day' activities and growth of learning over time
  • Encourage families to celebrate learning with reactions and timely feedback using multimedia
  • Curate a live visual report card within the Reporting Space to guide parent-teacher interviews or student-led conferences

Spark Two-Way Conversations with Families

Send real-time classroom updates and enable two-way multimedia messaging to improve communication and collaboration with families
  • Broadcast classroom announcements using predefined channels with students and families
  • Send private messages to families to discuss unique needs or updates - using the media of your choice
  • Choose 1-way or 2-way messaging for flexible communication
I really enjoy SpacesEDU. I like a real time look at what is happening at school because it helps to engage with my child about their day. Not all parents have time to stay updated with their kids' learning day to day and Spaces makes this possible.
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SpacesEDU Family Member
This year, I was lucky enough to have two teachers of my children who used SpacesEDU. It was very easy [for my children] to join the class using the QR code and since then I have been able to follow the progress of my children in their class, working on projects, listening to it and seeing it in action through videos and photos. My children can even add elements/work they are proud of so that teachers can keep this evidence of learning and I can see the beautiful things my children are doing. SpacesEDU helps open the classroom doors so that parents are aware and can bring some of these school experiences back to the family by reflecting on their projects or the way they enjoyed the show at school. I feel that I have a better understanding and a stake in my children’s learning.
Director of Student Services at CDSCAB
It's an easy-to-use application and parents are very happy to be able to see how their child's days are going and their progress
Elementary Teacher, Centre de services scolaire des Trois-Lacs
I love being able to share our daily adventures with my kids' families! The platform is quick, super easy, and constantly improving and expanding. The service from the SpacesEDU team is incredible!
Elementary Teacher, SD46 Sunshine Coast

Meet the SpacesEDU team

With 15+ years serving 360 school districts and one million students in Canada, our next big adventure brings us to develop a digital documentation and assessment platform built to better engage families, to showcase and celebrate student growth, and to reduce the redundancies that come with utilizing separate platforms for digital documentation and reporting.
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