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Bring Your Portrait of a Graduate to Life

Showcase and celebrate student growth for Portrait of a Graduate portfolios and students’ Defense of Learning to set the foundation for success for life after graduation
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Actively Document your Collective Portrait of a Graduate

Bring your collective vision of a Portrait of a Graduate to life by giving students the time and space to document, reflect-upon, and showcase graduate competencies
  • Create a district Portfolio Template for your Portrait of a Graduate competencies that follows students K-12
  • Track student progress towards Portrait of a Graduate competencies at the classroom, school, and district level
  • Enable students to upload their learning using a variety of media
  • Give students the power to capture growth inside and outside of the classroom
  • Connect students’ artifacts of learning directly to your Portrait of a Graduate goals and competencies
  • Engage families in graduate profiles with visual documentation of competencies

Defense of Learning Made Easy!

Celebrate each learner’s unique skills, competency development, and accomplishments with a dynamic Portrait of a Graduate portfolio
  • Set clear competencies and skills for students to work towards
  • Easily access all evidence of learning captured over the years
  • Add your local custom competencies for tracking
  • Promote student agency with a presentation of their Portrait of a Graduate portfolio
    Engage community stakeholders who support student skill development and reflection

Enable Career Readiness

Prepare students for life after graduation with opportunities to develop the competencies and skills that are highly valued in college, career, and life
  • Track coverage of competencies for each student and easily identify areas requiring improvement
    Set students apart for college and job applications with view-only portfolio URL sharing, to share growth beyond the classroom
  • Provide ongoing, constructive feedback to develop students’ Portrait of a Graduate competencies
    Enable students to creatively showcase the connection between classroom learning and community involvement using multimedia evidence
It's a great platform! It allows me to diversify my students' learning opportunities and involve parents more by making communication easier.
I think in a nutshell it combines the things we love about Google Classroom, the things that we love about Flipgrid, and a messaging tool like Remind into one streamlined location. This is amazing!
Headshot of Christine Berckart
Christine Berckart
Teacher, Leadership Academy at Forest Oak

Meet the SpacesEDU team

With 15+ years serving 360 school districts and one million students in Canada, our next big adventure brings us to develop a digital documentation and assessment platform built to better engage families, to showcase and celebrate student growth, and to reduce the redundancies that come with utilizing separate platforms for digital documentation and reporting.
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Capture the moments where growth happens with portfolios your students actually want to use
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