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You'll Learn:
  • Explore the positive outcomes associated with a well-defined and localized Portrait of a Graduate at the student, school, and community levels

  • Acquire practical strategies for aligning curriculum and instruction with the goals outlined in a Portrait of a Graduate

  • Discover how technology can be effectively leveraged to support deeper learning initiatives and bring the Portrait of a Graduate to life

Access the On-Demand Webinar
  • Sarah Snipes, a panelist on the Crafting a Vision with Portrait of a Graduate webinar.
    “A Portrait of a Learner isn’t just about preparing for college or career; it’s about equipping learners for a fulfilling life. By supporting their passions, interests, and gifts with an eye towards the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed in an ever-changing world, we can reimagine education to help everyone find meaningful and rewarding paths.”

    -Sarah Snipes, Kentucky Department of Education
  • Abby Benedetto, a panelist on the Crafting a Vision with Portrait of a Graduate webinar.
    "As we try to reimagine public education, both its purpose as well as how it is enacted every day, I believe the Portrait of a Graduate holds real potential for meaningful change at all levels of our systems of learning. Rather than existing as just another initiative, the Portrait of the Graduate invites us to rewrite the script that has played out in schools since the inception of public education about who does and does not belong, and to center the authentic skills that learners need in order to thrive in our complex world."

    -Abby Benedetto, Core Shifts
  • Meredith Erickson, a panelist on the Crafting a Vision with Portrait of a Graduate webinar.
    "Defining the qualities and characteristics our students will develop as they progress toward graduation helps foster a future-ready culture with each student as the focus. The portrait allows faculty to create the conditions that empower students. Students strengthen the skills and dispositions needed for success far beyond receiving their diploma – allowing them to transfer and apply knowledge across many disciplines."

    -Meredith Erickson, Carver Public Schools
  • Shivali Finkelstein, a panelist on the Crafting a Vision with Portrait of a Graduate webinar.
    "It is important for the educational communities to prioritize a formal and ongoing reflection process to ensure schools are preparing students to be future-ready in this ever-changing world. The process used to establish a Portrait of a Graduate does that effectively."

    -Shivali Finkelstein, North Kingstown High School

About the Panelists

Sarah Snipes

Sarah Snipes is the Program Manager for the Kentucky Department of Education’s Division of Innovation, where she plays a role in promoting deeper learning and fostering transformative educational practices across the state. Her dedication is centered around supporting districts, schools, and communities as they work to reimagine the future of education in Kentucky, aligned with the United We Learn vision. Sarah co-leads the Local Laboratories of Learning (L3s) and co-facilitates the Kentucky United We Learn Council’s Vibrant Learning Experiences Committee. She collaborates with state and national leaders in facilitating inclusive design thinking processes, working to assist communities in developing more equitable models for assessment and accountability systems and the local Portrait of a Learner. Sarah previously managed the Kentucky Innovative Learning Network (KY ILN), a professional learning network in partnership with trailblazing districts and the Kentucky Department of Education. Her background as a classroom educator and foster-adoptive parent drives her to consider the unique perspectives, challenges, and opportunities within our education systems.

Connect with Sarah

Abby Benedetto

Abby Benedetto has taken on designing and changing systems for the last two decades from a wide variety of roles and perspectives - honing her skills around deep listening, collaborative innovation, and equity-centered learning design, and driven by the purpose of working to ensure that ALL young people (and adults) have access to the type of deeper learning they deserve so that they feel seen and valued, and develop the skills that they need to go out into the world and thrive. Abby is able to draw upon her lived experience of the decade she spent as a classroom teacher and leader, eight years of working shoulder to shoulder with educators in this country and abroad, as well as a unique ability to help educators make connections between what they know and their aspirational vision for where they want to go.

Connect with Abby

Meredith Erickson

Meredith Erickson is the Assistant Superintendent of Carver Public Schools where she works closely with leaders and educators to research and adopt innovative practices that can transform student learning. She has worked in education for twenty-five years as a science teacher, principal, district administrator, and assistant superintendent. Dr. Erickson is a Massachusetts Innovation Pathways Ambassador and helps other educational leaders on their journey to build bridges between K-12 education and business/industry. She is passionate about preparing students for the future of work and empowering others to drive innovation within a community of learners. Dr. Erickson holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership from Boston College.

Connect with Meredith
Shivali Finkelstein, a panelist on the Crafting a Vision with Portrait of a Graduate webinar.

Shivali Finkelstein

Ms. Finkelstein feels extremely humbled, honored, and privileged to have the opportunity to work with the educational community of North Kingstown High School. Ms. Finkelstein started her educational career in 2006 as a math teacher at Shea High School in Pawtucket, RI. In 2016, she was honored to become an Assistant Principal (STEAM) for Teaching and Learning at South Kingstown High School in South Kingstown, RI. A major part of her work involved working with teachers in the Science, Math, Applied Arts, PE/Health, and Fine Arts departments on 21st Century Curricula, Project-Based Learning, creating multiple pathways for students, instructional strategies, and assessments. In collaboration with students, teachers, and other administrators she was able to work on implementing STEM-based programs for students at South Kingstown High School. She then had the utmost privilege to work at Lincoln High School as their Assistant Principal for the 2019-20 school year. Ms. Finkelstein started her school year with North Kingstown High School on July 1, 2020.

Connect with Shivali
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