Connect Home and School

With SpacesEDU, parents have a unique window into what's happening in the classrooms by providing a front row seat to their child's learning.

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Improve Feedback & Parent-Teacher Communications

Features built into SpacesEDU are designed to document the day-by-day learning in your school and to showcase the process and progress of classroom learning.
A student replies to her music teacher’s constructive feedback with an audio file of her practicing the saxophone.
With SpacesEDU, student performance and assessment becomes a two-way conversation.

Provide real-time feedback on student work through commenting and messaging without leaving the app.
With parent communication, you can finally give parents a window into the classroom.
"I think in a nutshell it combines the things we love about Google Classroom, the things we love about Flipgrid, and a messaging tool like Remind into one streamlined location. This is amazing!
Photo de Christine Berckart

Discover Our Parent-Teacher Communications Solutions.

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A Unique Window Into The Classroom

Allow families access to view student growth and progress all in one place. As the teacher, you can control who can view your Space and customize your messaging to be one-way or two-way communication.

Achieve Your Learning Objectives with SpacesEDU. Teachers share how.

Learn how Manuela’s school uses SpacesEDU as a way to encourage student self-reflection and keep parents in the loop.

A unique window into your classroom.

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