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The Ideal Alignment: SpacesEDU and the IB Learner Profile

Jon Neale
July 25, 2023

The International Baccalaureate (IB) has a long established commitment to nurturing globally-minded, well-rounded individuals. The cornerstone of this philosophy is the IB Learner Profile, a set of ten attributes that every IB student aspires to embody. Let’s dive in and see how SpacesEDU aligns with the IB's mission and values, particularly in fostering these attributes.

SpacesEDU x IB Learner Profile:

Inquirers: SpacesEDU's student portfolio feature provides a platform for learners to track their learning journey, sparking curiosity and developing research skills. This encourages students to ask questions, explore, and investigate, thereby promoting a culture of inquiry. Additionally, the All Work Feed allows students to easily navigate through their entire work history, showcasing their growth over time. Furthermore, these features allow for ownership of learning and promote student agency.

Knowledgeable: SpacesEDU cultivates the development of deep, conceptual understanding through project-based learning features. These forge a connection between classroom experiences and real-world contexts. They encourage students to explore topics, promoting a thorough understanding of key themes and ideas. Moreover, they build interdisciplinary learning, allowing students to make connections across different subject areas.

Thinkers: Introducing an Individual Space solely dedicated to goal setting will empower students to consistently document, reflect upon their learning journey, set ambitious goals, and track their progress—all in one centralized location. This promotes metacognitive thinking, encouraging students to think carefully about their thinking. It also develops a growth mindset, motivating students to set challenging goals and strive to achieve them.

Communicators: SpacesEDU's collaboration tools facilitate seamless communication among students. Tools like Group Spaces, commenting on posts, and the ability to reply using a variety of media types encourage effective development of these skills, promoting clear expression of ideas and active listening. They also equip students to use digital technology responsibly and effectively to communicate with others. They also equip students to use digital technology responsibly and effectively to communicate with others.

Principled: SpacesEDU enables teachers to celebrate individual contributions to group projects, helping to uphold academic honesty. This develops accountability and responsibility, encouraging students to contribute fairly to group work. It also fosters integrity, ensuring that students are recognized for their individual contributions.

Open-minded: When leveraged purposefully, the collaborative features of SpacesEDU can help to foster intercultural understanding and respect. By doing so, it also fosters an appreciation for students' own cultures and personal histories, fostering a strong sense of self-identity and respect.

Caring: The opportunities for family engagement supported through SpacesEDU, promote empathy and respect. Family Accounts help foster a strong home-school connection, delivering a caring learning environment and an engaged learning community with all stakeholders actively participating.

Risk-takers: SpacesEDU's safe and supportive environment empowers students to take calculated risks. This environment helps support a sense of security, encouraging students to step out of their comfort zones and take on challenges. Moreover, it builds a healthy culture of resilience, helping students to learn from their mistakes and view them as opportunities for growth.

Balanced: SpacesEDU's diverse learning tools and the many means through which content can be shared, support the development of well-rounded individuals. These tools promote a balanced approach to learning, catering to different individual strengths and interests.

Reflective: SpacesEDU offers valuable opportunities for self-reflection, playing a crucial role in nurturing this essential practice. By encouraging students to thoughtfully contemplate their learning experiences, it fosters a true sense of self-awareness and sparks personal growth. Furthermore, these exercises motivate students to engage in regular reflections and set meaningful goals for continuous improvement.

SpacesEDU: A Powerful Tool for IB Educators!

In conclusion, SpacesEDU emerges as a perfect tool for IB educators and students alike. Our features are in close alignment with the attributes of the IB Learner Profile, making SpacesEDU an ideal platform for cultivating the development of these attributes. By leveraging SpacesEDU, IB educators can enhance their students' learning experience, helping them to embody the IB Learner Profile and evolve into globally-minded, well-rounded individuals.

Jon Neale

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