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Strategies for K-12 School Districts to Enhance Student Career Readiness

In a world where the job market is constantly evolving, the need for students to be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow ...

6 Benefits of Prioritizing K-12 Career Readiness

The implementation of student career readiness programs and plans in K-12 education varies across states, districts, and schools. However, there’s been a ...

Why K-12 School Districts Are Prioritizing Career Readiness: Preparing Students for Success in the Real World

In today's fast-evolving world, school districts are recognizing the importance of preparing students not just for academics but also for their future ...

Growth Over Grades Podcast: Episode 15 - Dr. Randall Sampson “The Champion Culture”

Ep. 15 | Dr. Randall Sampson “The Champion Culture” Meet Dr. Randall Sampson I was blown away by Stacy’s response this week ...

S1E5 - Culturally Relevant Teaching - Stephanie Morgan-Harris

In the fifth installment of the Growth over Grades podcast, Melody talks with Stephanie Morgan-Harris, an experienced educator currently serving as a ...

The Rise of the Learner Profile

By employing principles from the International Baccalaureate’s learner profile, educators can bring new skills to the classroom and embrace new futures where ...

Empowering Student Growth: Insights on Digital Portfolios in Education from Instructional Technology Coordinator Daniel Whitt

Daniel Whitt, instructional technology coordinator for Madison City Schools, is on a mission. Digital portfolios for every student Whitt’s school district in ...

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