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You'll Learn

  • How to recognize the transformative potential of data as a tool for student-centric decision-making
  • The four disciplines of execution to streamline educational goals and outcomes
  • How to inspire change in your district or school through data-driven practices
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About the Speaker

Dr. Joe Mullikin is an award-winning educator, leader, speaker, and author. He currently serves as the Assistant Superintendent in Meridian CUSD #223 and is the incoming Superintendent beginning in the 2024-2025 school year. Dr. Mullikin's passion for education and student success has been demonstrated in his work within the Meridian school district over the past decade. Before this role, he taught HS Science, coached basketball and baseball at the HS level, served as the district's Director of Continuous Improvement, Crisis Management Coordinator, and, most recently, the Principal at Highland Elementary.

What is SpacesEDU?

Backed by 15+ years of educator feedback, Spaces is an assessment platform designed to capture, communicate, and showcase student growth in the classroom.

Why Bring SpacesEDU Into Your Classroom?

Based on over 15 years of teacher feedback and designed with the 21st-century teacher and learner in mind, SpacesEDU helps educators to engage today’s students in relevant and personalized learning opportunities from start to finish.

Personalized Learning

Personalize instruction to your subject area or grade by creating custom activities for your students to complete.

Student Voice and Choice

Meet the needs of your diverse group of learners by choosing the format of your instructions and by selecting who you assign activities to.

Feedback Made Easy

Quickly provide feedback, mark submissions as reviewed, and switch between student submissions...all from the same spot!

Opportunities to Show Mastery

Give students multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery and meet activity expectations by allowing them to resubmit their work.
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