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Why Teachers Love Using SpacesEDU

Teachers across K-12 and higher education love to showcase the growth of their students with SpacesEDU 
Social Studies Teacher
Leslie G. from Albany, NY
Learn why Leslie uses SpacesEDU to give feedback and provide Parents a window into the classroom

More Video Testimonials

Jennifer T. from Charlottesville, VA

Learn how Jennifer uses SpacesEDU as a way to keep students active, showcase creativity and keep them away from the screen.
Distance and Hybrid Learning

Manuela A. from Brooklyn, NY

Learn how Manuela’s school uses SpacesEDU as a way to encourage student self-reflection and keep parents in the loop
Parent Feedback

Kelsey V. from B.C, Canada

See how Kelsey uses SpacesEDU as a way to assess and document student progress over time.
Student Growth

Rachel T. from Pittsburgh, PA

Find out how Rachel uses SpacesEDU to provide a safe environment for students to practice pronunciation and make mistakes without worry.
Second Languages

Sue. from Kenora, ON

Learn how Sue uses SpacesEDU in her music class to help students see their achievements in their learning.
Assessment and Growth
A student posting a pizza they made for dinner, reflecting back on their cooking journey and how much they have learned.


Using personal or shared devices, your students capture media (photos, videos, audio, words, or external links) to document their learning.

Digital portfolios are useful in education as a way to document learning. Students can record their daily work and reflect on what they learned. They can also add commentary around how they feel about what they’ve learned.


Encourage your students to think critically and communicate openly about their accomplishments, challenges and failures through reflection prompts.

Enable students to reflect on their work. Challenge students to think about what they've learned through probing questions - capturing key takeaways and lessons around what the student would do differently next time.


See how your students change, approach problems differently, and progress towards goals with each new artifact they add to their portfolio feed.

The space within a digital portfolio gives students the room to not only make mistakes but demonstrate the reflection and progression necessary to ultimately show how far they’ve come on their mastery of that concept.

Regular portfolio curation allows educators to use the documentation to conduct formative assessments too. Engage students with ongoing feedback and commentary – not just a final grade.

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