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Competencies without a Classroom Episode 1 - Recap

Position titles come and go. It's not about the "what." Instead, it's about who you are. In this episode of Competencies without ...

The Educator's Role in Preparing Students for Jobs That Don't Exist Yet

One of the greatest pleasures of being a teacher is the ability to set your students up for success and watch them ...

Connecting Home and School with Digital Portfolio Applications | SpacesEDU

This is a guest post by Grade 5 teacher, Krista Ford, from Waverly Memorial. I’ve always been a teacher eager to incorporate ...

Maximizing Learning with Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) and Digital Portfolios

Picture yourself in an art gallery. You walk the aisles and appreciate the pieces you see. You stumble upon a piece that ...

Using Digital Portfolios to Enhance Social-Emotional Learning: Tips for Educators

Since COVID-19 hit, social and emotional learning, or SEL, is more important than ever before. How do we create opportunities for social ...

How to implement project-based learning with digital portfolios

This is a guest post by Nicholas Provenzano, the award-winning educator and best-selling author behind The Nerdy Teacher. As a teacher that ...

The educator's guide to making great videos

Video in the classroom has been on the rise for years. You might even be surprised to learn that educational videos are ...

Using digital portfolios to support the documentation of knowledge

Keeping digital portfolios at the core of your work with students is key to building habits of documentation, making learning visible, and ...

How to support anytime, anywhere learning with digital portfolios

Spaces by myBlueprint was proud to be a sponsor at this year's Teach With Tech event. Did you miss our session? No ...

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