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How to Create Accessible Teaching Videos for All Learners

Recently, I asked a group of educators how they’d make teaching videos accessible this fall. Many of the suggestions, which I’ve included ...

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#teachersoftiktok: How to effectively use TikTok in your classroom

In a post-COVID world, it feels as if using tech is the only way to really communicate with your students. But, let’s ...

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Creating Effective Exit Portfolios: A Guide to Promoting Self-Reflection and Ongoing Learning

Finding the best way to conclude a school year is a challenge, even in the best of times. How do you help ...

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The Power of Video Feedback: Enhancing Learning and Growth in the Classroom

Creating short videos for each student to help articulate your feedback in a medium they love can be a great way to ...

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Portfolios: The Ultimate Classroom Tool for Personalized Learning and Growth

When you look at your students, you don’t see their mid-term grade or the percentage they got on their last essay. You ...

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Why Prioritizing Feedback over Grades Transforms Learning

Like standardized test scores, grades are intended to give us a simple, quantifiable, and comparable measurement of performance. But many educators (and ...

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How to use digital portfolios to promote metacognition in your classroom

Metacognition is another one of those buzzwords that is often thrown around by educators and administrators as a must-have in the classroom ...

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How to craft writing skills through topics and media students love

when the students themselves are not connecting with the content. Having students create content about topics they love, however, can give them ...

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A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Portfolios: How Families Can Support Their Child's Learning in the Classroom

Digital portfolios are becoming an increasingly popular way for teachers to encourage capturing and documentation of learning, prompting meaningful reflection, and providing ...

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